Interesting action of passengers on the road of Metrobus

In Istanbul, the night after 00 hours, the trip turns into ordeal for those who want to reach the metrobüsl home from Zincirlikuyu stop.
There was an unusual crowd of passengers at the Zincirlikuyu stop. When the existing vehicles could not meet the needs, the waiting hours found. A painful journey awaited those who barely got into the vehicles after midnight. As if going to the fish store inside the vehicle was not enough, the passengers were exposed to an interesting action. When the crammed vehicle came to its stop in Ayvansaray, the hours were 0:40. Ayvansaray waiting at the stop, which is rarely filled to ride Metrobus passengers were unable to cut into any way. Passengers in the station reacted by one and a half hours I tried to explain that they expect trouble Metrobus driver. In the meantime, the driver reported the situation to the superiors by phone. The passengers who crossed the road for about ten minutes eventually opened the way to the metrobus and the vehicle set off.

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