Tram accident in Aksaray: 8 Injured

A tram that goes in the same direction hit a tram at the Yusufpaşa Tram Stop in Aksaray.
It was learned that nearly 10 people were injured in the accident last night.
"Bağcılar Kabataş Light subway train, which travels on the line, hits the train that stands in front of Aksaray Yusufpaşa stations from behind. 7 passengers were slightly injured in the accident. The injured people were discharged in various hospitals by being treated. In the first information, it was learned that the Machinist, whose foot was estimated to have broken, was slightly injured when his foot was not mixed. The accident occurred at around 00.10. The train, which was traveling on a single line due to road works, stopped for an unspecified reason. Meanwhile, the second train going in the same direction hit the last wagon of the station. ”
Yar Erkan Perver and 7 passengers were injured in the accident. The treatment of the standing Rüşah Karardağ, Erkan Terber, Ahmet Ünlü, İlhan Fidan, Ferhat Umde, Maria Luisa Valianueva and Muhammet Abdurrahman were discharged from home.
The damaged wagons were removed by the technical teams of the Fire Brigade and Transportation Inc. within an hour. The investigation revealed no damage to the tracks. Schedules continue over normal tariffs. A definite conclusion will be obtained about the reason for the winner after the reading of the records and the technical examinations, the investigation continues.

Source: News 61

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