Which burglar is hiding in the subway!

Thieves are eating municipal money; "We have made the goods face to face," he was lying to the police, prosecutor, the judge, the court, the prime minister, ministers, the power of the feeding press had started.
The charges were too heavy.
The 130 defendant was on trial.
22 was put in jail.
All of them were top management staff of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and among those who were detained, the secretary general of the municipality, Pervin Şenel Genç, was kept in prison for 464 days.
The last time he was released.
No prisoner.
These are really thieves; How does this difference occur if they lie to 1 and eat the municipal money because they have made 100?
Izmir Municipality is doing metro.
Mileage: 56 cost $ 1 million.
Ankara Municipality is doing metro.
Mileage: 90 cost $ 1 million.
Istanbul Municipality subway station.
Mileage: 140 costing million TL
Not pear with apples.
Apple with apples.
Tunel drilling is the same. Station standards are the same. The wagons are the same. Rails are the same. The electrolysis technology is the same. The same procedure for bidding.
How is it possible for 130 senior employees to claim the cost of the Izmir Municipality 1 kilometer metro which is filed for esi thieves are robbing municipal money X and cost almost half the price of Ankara Municipality and almost a third price of Istanbul Municipality?
I wonder who's a thief?
Let's find out the truth.
Which subway tunnel is hidden?
Let's wait.
Let's write a little detail.
The people of Ankara have chosen Melih Gökçek as the Mayor, and in the 2002, Kızılay-Çayyolu; Batıkent-Sincan-Tandoğan started construction of Keçiören subway lines. The total length of the 3 line was keeping the 43 mileage. 10 did not finish the year has passed. Melih Gokcek, 828 million TL for the Metro spent, then the lack of resources (the budget of Ankara Municipality is a lot more than the ministry budget) Council of Ministers took a decision. The Ministry of Transport undertook the construction of the Ankara Metro.
Ruling party!
Ankara's ruling municipality!
He did the subway torpedo.
The Ministry of Transport has allocated 3 billion 40 million liras for the construction of Ankara Metro. With the money spent by Melih Gokcek, the total cost increased to 3 million TL. The cost of the 868 kilometer of the 43 kilometer line is 1 million.
İzmir's 56 million TL.
Which subway tunnel is hidden?
Let's write a little more detail.
Kartal, AKP Municipality of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadıköy He laid the 22-kilometer Metro foundation between January 2005 and declared it would open in 2007. Whatever happened, it could not be finished in 2007, the tender was renewed in 2008, it was promised to be finished in 2010. It could not be finished again. 3 billion 100 million TL was spent on the eve of 2012, costing 140 million TL per kilometer.
Istanbul's 140 million TL.
İzmir's 56 million TL.
Which subway?
Let me write a little detail.
We mastered the construction of subway, iron netting, we succeeded, is we are the main iron nets we have knitted ros the power of the ruling party of Istanbul governed the big city municipality, the construction of the Istanbul Metro planned 4 line, on the grounds that the resources are not enough, transferred to the Ministry of Transport.
Ruling party!
Istanbul's ruling municipality!
He did the subway torpedo.
Izmir Municipality has made the metro torpilsiz. The executives of the Municipality of Izmir, 464 days in jail, "thieves," he judged.Realist on which subway?

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