Description of the construction of the Golden Horn Metro Bridge

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The İBB published a statement on its site in response to the news of Taraf Newspaper, “Model deception in Haliç”.
Located Party newspaper "Golden Horn model deception" involved in the news, both from Turkey does not reflect the fact that the alleged act independent of warnings from international agencies. The project, which was revised as a result of the studies, is carried out together with UNESCO World Heritage Center and ICOMOS International authorities.
We would like to share with the public the following issues in the news titled oğlu Model deception in the Golden Horn iç published by the correspondent Serkan Ayazoğlu at 11 August 2012 in Taraf Newspaper.
Construction of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Transportation Department - Halic Metro Passage Bridge, which is maintained by the Rail System Directorate, is prepared based on the project which was approved by 2005 in the model of the Golden Horn Bridge Project, which is currently being exhibited in Sutluce.
The applied project is carried out according to the measurements determined as a result of the revisions made in the project after the participation of the sensitive engineering calculations and especially the independent experts by taking into consideration the high earthquake risk, heavy ground conditions and other technical and environmental parameters.
Studies have been carried out within the framework of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee's decisions and the recommendations of the Independent Expert Panel established within this scope. In this regard, the news from the Chamber of Architects of Turkey expressed by Chairman Eyup MUHCU 'IBB both from Turkey to act independently of the alerts it receives from international institutions' statement is far from the truth. The Haliç Metro Transition Bridge has been revised several times in accordance with UNESCO recommendations and this has been shared with the public. In both the 'Information Notes' book which is updated periodically and sent to the media organizations and '', the bridge project, which is described in detail on the website, cannot be made 'confidential' as claimed in your news. In the light of these facts it is clear that this evaluation is unfair.
Environmental Impact Assessment Report for Independent Experts in 2005 in order to examine and compare the impact of all alternative bridge projects on the World Heritage sites, particularly the Suleymaniye Mosque, which was registered as the Historic Areas of Istanbul, including the project approved by the Cultural Heritage Preservation Regional Board in 2010. It has been prepared.
In the conclusion part of this report, the structural system preference of the bridge, which is currently being built in Haliç (bent suspended bridge), is the most suitable solution considering earthquake risk, ground, ecology and architectural issues, but it has been recommended to be applied with some revisions, Istanbul Metropolitan These recommendations, evaluated by the municipality and the project author, are fully reflected in the implementation projects.
Upon this report, in the context of the World Heritage Committee decision in 2011, the intensive working process with the Independent Expert Panel, which is invited to make recommendations during the construction period, continues uninterruptedly.
As a result of all these studies, two meetings with broad participation and close contacts with the World Heritage Center and ICOMOS International officials have been carried out.
During the preparation of the project, in order to find solutions to the difficult seismicity and ground conditions of the area, the project author and the engineering offices of the world carried out together.
The changes required by the piles are applied in accordance with the recommendations of independent experts. It is not true that the applications made negativity in the silhouette.
It should be noted that the bridge was the only project on the Taksim-Yenikapı route, the 25 year ago, to be approved by the Council for the Protection of the Golden Horn. The 1987 project submitted to the Board until 2005 has not been accepted. All phases of the project, analysis and construction The project, which passed the rigorous observation and approval of the Board, has minimized the negative impact of historical heritage and minimized the access to the historical peninsula.
Independent Expert Committee members, who were invited to make recommendations during the construction process, were Prof. Dr. Enzo Siviero, Prof. Dr. Jorg Schlaich, Prof. Dr. Tatiana KIROVA and Prof. Dr. In addition to Moawiyah Ibrahim, the construction-implementation process of the projects developed with the world's leading expert companies and academicians such as Michel Virlogeux, Systra, WIECON, Waagner Biro, Hardesty & Hanover, Marc Panet, Alain Pecker has worldwide references under the supervision of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. It is carried out by companies.

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