Two Metrobuses on the Golden Horn Bridge Collided

Two metrobus in different directions collided on the Golden Horn Bridge. Several passengers were injured in colliding metrobuses.
The accident occurred at 17.30 ranks.
According to information received from the Avcılar-Zincirlikiyu metrobüs with a bus that runs the Zincirlikuyu- Avcılar, another metrobus collided on the Golden Horn Bridge. Numerous passengers in the side colliding metrobuses were injured in various places.
After the accident, many ambulances were shipped to the scene. The first intervention at the scene of the wounded were taken to the hospital by ambulances.
In the meantime, due to the accident, the Metrobus road was completely closed to traffic.
Metrobus queue formed. Passengers tried to reach the alternative stops on foot.

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