Half of Bursaray Eastern Stage Completed

What is Bursaray Emergency? When was Bursaray founded?
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The works of the 8 kilometer Kestel line, which will transport Bursaray to Gürsu and Kestel, continue at full speed. Completion of construction of the line, which was laid by the Metropolitan Municipality in July last year, reached 50.

While the 3 transformer building was completed within the scope of the study, the rough construction of the stations came to an end. While the construction of the Esenler Junction reaches to 75, the Bursaray East stage is planned to be launched in the spring of 2013.


The completion rate of the construction of the ongoing stations within the scope of the construction of Bursaray East Stage, which will take Bursaray to Kestel, is close to half. According to this; 46 of the first and second stations, 53 of the third station, 53 of the fourth station, 24 of the fifth station, 44 of the sixth station and XNUMX of the sixth station have not yet started because the project has been changed to the seventh station.


By the end of the year, it is aimed to open the Ankara Road fully to the transportation by the end of the year.

As it is known, the last station was planned to be built at the entrance of Kestel, but upon intense demands, it was decided to enter another 300 meters. However, due to the fact that the new university will also be built in the region, the possibility of building the last station on Ankara Road is being discussed. On the other hand, while the work of the Kestel Intersection, which was designed within the scope of Bursaray East stage works, is also started, this intersection is aimed to be completed by the end of 2013. - EVENT

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