Bicycle and cable car offer in Eymir

ÇANKAYA City Council, Middle East Technical University (METU) Rector. Dr. He visited Ahmet Acar. He stated that METU was a privileged place with its campus in the Çankaya borders. Işıkhan Güler emphasized the mutual understanding of the need to protect the campus and its natural components.
Within the framework of this understanding, Çankaya stated that they are ready to give all kinds of civil society contributions as City Council and that the campus of METU is a whole and that the division of the campus is dangerous for this purpose.

Bicycle system

Esi We believe that it would be beneficial to install and operate the bicycle system together with Çankaya Municipality in order to make the use of Lake Eymir under the traffic of our people more efficient and effective, ım Güler said. Eymir, ORAN region with the cable car access to the activities as well as provide direct access to the car will be useful in terms of limiting the use of Guler, "the ropeway, as well as tourism will have benefits for the recreation," he said.

Ring service

Acar said that the history of the ropeway project has reached almost 30 years, and that there is no clear project on this issue and it would be useful to examine and project it because of its idea level.
Bike system will be useful in the campus of METU, the project is also about the preparation of expressing Acar, Eymir'da bike system would be useful, but underlined that different types of transport should be separated from each other. Acar emphasized the importance of access of elderly and disabled citizens to the region, a ring service in Eymir said it would be useful.

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