Extension of Tram to Mudanya 2013 Program

For Bursa, which cannot get its share in the history of the Republic, the State Railways can forgive themselves with the 2 project. Bursa Mudanya road, the Highways Regional Directorate between Bademli and Tepederbent 3.Turkey highway quality road work in the hope of rail transportation about the residents of Bursa.
Tepederbent will start the second stage between Mudanya, highway quality paving of the middle strip for the work of paving highway, Bursalılara opened a new horizon. The transportation of Bursa to Istanbul by the ferry is on the Mudanya Road, which carries 70 with a ratio of% 15. Bursalılar who want to take Bursaray's project to take the project to Mudanya in Ak Parti's 2023 year vision said, sal Among the most important projects Bursa Deputy Bülent Arınç will follow for Bursa in Bursa should be the extension of Bursaray to Mudanyaya. 8 kilometers between Bademli and Göynüklü crossroads have been taken to 3 lane and highway quality has been achieved. In the middle of the road, however, it would be great if the 1 meter was left in a larger space so that the rails could be laid immediately. Presently the opportunity is not missed. In the 7 kilometer section between Tepederbent and Mudanya, 3 is being prepared for asphalting by filling it with a gravel crusher. In this region, at least in the middle lane, the rails should have a standard size. Expansion should be done toward the outskirts. The project of extension of Bursaray to Mudanya, which is the target of Ak Party's 2023, should be taken by State Railways to 2013 investment budget. In order to keep the work fast, the extension of the high speed train project to Balat can be added under the heading of integration, and only the 15 kilometer rail laying can be started in 2013 without being tied to an excessive bureaucratic obstacle. Our deputy prime minister, Bülent Arınç, and all of our deputies, the country's 3. We invite you to Bursa, which is an important metropolis. If the subject is forwarded to Prime Minister Erdogan, this work is solved very quickly. This investment will be very useful not only for the residents of Bursa but also for those coming from Istanbul. The need for wagons can be met by the Metropolitan Municipality, which supports domestic production in Bursa. The paving of the highway was very nice work. However, we want the completion of 2023 early in the year in the 10 Ak Bursaray's integration to Mudanya. Thus, the residents of Bursa also make up for the problem of getting enough share from the general investments with this beautiful investment of TCDD. Mudanya district is used as a district in the summer winter, 9 month vacancies will be added to the national economy, de they said.
On the other hand, the solution in the minds of Prime Minister Erdoğan can be realized by TCDD in the revitalization of Yenişehir Airport, which is not popular with domestic flights due to the 45 kilometers away from Bursa. Prime Minister Erdogan's advice to the Mayor Recep Altepe Bursaray Kestel'dan 25 kilometers to the Yenişehir Airport next to the project to be taken in 2013 2014 budget of the State Railways can be built in a short time by taking the budget XNUMX. The major center of agriculture and stockbreeding, which is expected to be the central district with the metropolitan law, can be integrated with the city center in Yenişehir and can jump to the age-based industry.

Source: IRF



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