Last point TÜVASAŞ will move to Ferizli within 5 years

AK Party deputy Ayhan Sefer Ustun, journalists in Serdivan Traffic on the journalists agenda with programs made in the park Ferizli to be moved from Adapazarı on the agenda Turkey Wagon Industry Co., he said he would move to Ferizli districts within 5 years together with its subsidiaries.
The Ministry of Transport said that the 5 had an annual program.
Deputy Üstün said, “My prediction is that not only the Agricultural Equipment but also the military factory there must be removed. Afterwards, TÜVASAŞ should clog. When I started walking from Kent Park near Çark stream, I imagine a view to walk up to Maltepe. ”
Explaining that work is being carried out in military facilities to move out of the city, Üstün said, “There is a general study about military facilities. There is an idea that both combat troops and such factories will move out of the cities.
This is already the case in Europe. This is a general rule. It's not a work I'm in, but I know it's a thought. This is a thought I support. Frankly, I have such an opinion, "he said.
Deputy Üstün continued his statements regarding the move of TÜVASAŞ as follows:
“We have an opinion that TÜVASAŞ should move to the Ferizli Organized Industrial Zone. He accepts this in the Ministry. We support it. There are opponents of this, but what is the benefit of the city, we have to look at it. This is for the benefit of the city. To explain this for a few reasons. First, this city needs breathing. Kent Park is an example of this. We have nowhere to escape in the event of an earthquake. In this regard, we need such areas. Secondly, when you look at it, there are subcontractor companies next to TÜVASAŞ. I have known guys who have been in this industry for nearly 20 years. You will work in a sector for 20 years. But you will not have a factory or have a say in that sector. Because these friends are working in illegal crockery, some are here, some are in Derince, Bilecik, Osmaneli. They work in a messy area. We could not produce an industry from this. If Turkey says it got me in the railway sector. Especially if Sakarya has received incentives in this field, if someone in the railway sector is investing in Sakarya. We say, let's open the way for this industry. You should go there in TÜVASAŞ and come there in the sub-industry. Even if they want, let them come at the HYUNDAI EURotem.
If they don't, they can go somewhere else, but they can't stay. They say that TÜVASAŞ will stay. No, everybody will be out of there.
He certainly cannot stay there. The project is currently running in the Ministry. But this project is not the project of a year later. It is a maximum of 5 years project. We did not want to explain this before anything appeared, but the press unfortunately heard it. When he heard it, he exposed it. We plan many issues in advance. Organized industries such as Ferizli, Kaynarca, Karasu, Söğütlü are examples of these. Double roads, railways, harbors of these areas are all carried out within the framework of a plan. It is a work in TÜVASAŞ within the framework of a plan. I hope it will be carried in a 5-year plan.

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