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According to some, the product of the industrial revolution, in other words, is a form of transportation that triggers the revolution; his adventure, philosophy and potential in our country is unfortunately not studied except for a few academics and intellectuals. In fact, field research is at a level that will never. On the other hand, an important commercial transportation means in the time of peace, mobilization and war is a very strategic way of transportation in our country, and in our country in the early period of the railways, especially in terms of the Aegean region railways in the United Kingdom (UK) and the sources of France, no wonder full of research.
Today the territory of Turkey in the first railway construction and management of real-bined in the Aegean region and has continued uninterrupted since 153 years. One of the British company's Menderes basin in Izmir - Aydin - Denizli - Isparta; The other lines of İzmir - Manisa - Afyon - Bandırma, which were realized by a French company, have reached the present day with their routes and infrastructure without any changes or additions. Although it is a separate research subject of a distance of approximately 1600 km, foreign companies started in the Aegean region, there is no similarity between the operational reality of the same lines and the operational reality of today. 153 year-to-date construction and operation philosophy of the present, find the market on the territory of Anatolia, especially steel and coal to the goods of production in the industrial revolution in the west; It is in the form of transferring the agricultural products produced in Anatolia to the west. However, even a wagon of agricultural products is not carried out in today's Aegean railway operations. Beyond the mass cargo and passenger transportation requirement, the transfer of agricultural products to the West is unfortunately disintegrated by the mining axes that have emerged as a serious potential today, since they are made for the import of industrial products such as coal and steel. (Çine feldspar, Soma coal basins)
From this perspective, it can be easily seen that the 153 railways built in XNUMX years ago are not for commercial purposes. It is known that the Ottoman State approached this transportation form with strategic and military purposes. However, the content of the summary study is how the railways of the Aegean region can be enriched in the same pot with respect to the region and the country in terms of both freight and passenger transportation, what should be done to play the desired and expected role and what can be done to date. He must accept the fact that he has not yet been able to play the expected role. In order to ensure that the railways and potential of the Aegean region are evaluated with a new point of view and that they can play an active role in the country's transportation and trade, İzmir is presented to the attention of the circles who will read the booklet of our colleagues, participants and the announcement of the proceedings.
A British company with the permission of 23.eylül.1856, primarily between Izmir-Aydin
Construction of 133 km.lik railway has been started. Then another British company.
Basmane-Manisa-Kasaba (Turgutlu) railway concession was obtained. But Ottoman
As he sees his state, the increasing demand and the indifferent behavior of railway companies,
it did not allow the construction of this line. Then the state executives would have
The French companies have put a lot of effort into the hands of the Gediz basin
The railroad was built and operated by a French company.
Railway competition for British and French companies in the Aegean region will later cover the ports.
However, these companies interfere with each other's hinterland as if they
combining lines of monopoly, even monopoly, with simple belt lines
they even helped. French port of Izmir
The company has built the Manisa - Bandırma line to provide access to an open harbor and
railway port connection.
Additions to the railways of which these foreign companies are concessions continue and continue
It has. The British known as Aydın-Denizli-Isparta lines and related branch lines
Torbalı-Ödemiş, Çatal-Tire, Ortaklar-Söke not currently operated Sütçýç-Çivril, Isparta
They built Eğirdir and Gümüşgün-Burdur lines until they were nationalized.
Therefore, transportation in the Aegean region with camel caravans,
As a result, the railway has shifted. The French company does not stop empty
It extended to Alaşehir and Afyon.

The railway move that took place after the foundation of the Republic was excluded from the Aegean region. In our opinion this is due to the preference of bulk cargo and lack of passenger transportation. 1854 on the Izmir-Aydin railway 144 was removed from the British as war compensation for the war in the Crimea and these tracks have been replaced by 1993 year traffic. The XNUMX has been replaced by the railways. economic and technical life was fully filled.
As a result of the feasibility studies carried out in 1978, the extension of the railway in Menemen to Aliağa was started by the General Directorate of DLH, but the construction of this line of 26 was completed in 1995. In spite of all the negativities, 1990 has been a group of railway colleagues, including the author of this paper; It has started to question and question the question of how these railways can be adapted in a conscious and systematic manner in the interests of the region and the country. After the tests, a road map was determined. The first fixation was aimed at making this corridor, which has an important railway corridor in Izmir city, but only one-line, to be rapidly twisted, electrified and equipped with a signal if possible. İzmir-Menemen (31 km.), İzmir-Cumaovası (24 km.) Was double-stranded although it took a long time with limited allocations and efforts due to not investing in railways. But there is a huge handicap. There is a level crossing over the 55 in the 60 km line between Cumaovası and Menemen. The railway operation to be performed under these conditions is no different from the hurdles. No speed can be increased, the number of voyages cannot be increased. Because these passages can not be closed for a long time. Moving from this reality, the team is aware of the fact that there is not much to do outside of the steps and investments to be taken jointly by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. The construction of level crossings is not under the authority of the railways. Can not make expropriation and can not change the zoning plan. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is the only authority to do so. When the positive results were obtained in the negotiations initiated at the lower level, the issue was moved to the Presidency and General Directorates and then to the Ministry and the Government. After long negotiations, it was agreed in 2006 that this corridor is actually a significant corridor and can be the main backbone of urban transportation by investing. In this connection, it was decided to run a subway standard in the suburban corridor of Aliaga - Cumaovası in 80 km. Road, signaling and electrolysis, the construction of the remaining TCDD construction transformations by the metropolitan municipality was started. These two companies jointly founded İZBAN A.Ş. the electric train sets which will work on the lines are manufactured in Spain and they are completed in order to start the business based on profit and loss.
Delays in the procurement process, various ground problems Despite the two line disadvantages, these works are very important. Those who make the decisions, the implementers, those who do; In short, to thank everyone who has contributed to this project is strong. Turkey's largest urban rail system is therefore built in Izmir. This system, which is expected to carry 200 million passengers annually, will be the main backbone of Izmir's urban public transportation in a short period of time.
Our work and our expectation is that this double line and signaled project with 80 km is delivered to Torbalı (application projects are ready) and Selçuk and on the other hand to Manisa.
With modest investments, it will be possible to see that Torbalı, Selçuk and Manisa will become the suburb of İzmir. Thus, the urban suburban system, which we call Egeray in short, will have the opportunity to expand to include the provincial borders of Izmir.
The second important finding is İzmir-Aydın-Denizli railway. This railway is the most fizibil line in our country as a conventional line. Because 262 km. this is even true, except for the 22 km between Selçuk and the Partners. It is a line that is almost highway long. There are no high inclinations, no tunnels. The only drawback is that they are stuck in the middle of residential areas. At the time of local administrations, the times of over-underpasses and overpasses, and distorted urbanization have made the functions of a very important railway artery difficult. Because there are many level crossings. And both sides of the line is a very dense residential area. However, in recent years, such as automatic barriers, contracting, overpasses, such as measures; the passenger carriage with its superstructure completely renewed and the new train sets is promising.
An important advantage of the Aegean region railways is the access to the ports of Alsancak - Bandırma and the Nemrut port piers. Adnan Menderes is an international airport. In the hinterland, there are complex petrochemical, steel industries, organized industrial zones, university campuses, ceramic factories and marble quarries that are indispensable for rail transport. From this point of view, with the superstructure investments made in hare-ketle and the rehabilitation in the shooting power, in the early years of the year 1990 transported the freight transport with a capacity of 400 thousand tons to 3 million tons.
The construction of Soma coal basin, which will be carried on a daily transportation of more than 30 thousand tons, has started. After the completion of the construction of the Aydın - Denizli railway, the logistic load center established in Kaklik will be completed in a short time. Rail access to the fence of the feldspar in Çine, extension of the railway to PETKİM port facilities and the establishment of a large logistics center in İzmir, which has a railway connection, is close to the targets. In the same year, the railway transportation of 1 million tons of cargo in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone logistics center is about to take place within a few months.
We are expecting to improve the container transportation of agricultural chambers, exporters' unions and businessmen in order to establish the connection of wheat with grain, fresh fruits and vegetables and animal products from the İzmir port to the western countries through the frigorific wagons. Thus, it will be possible for the railways of the Aegean region to be placed on a line that will provide maximum benefit to the region and the country's economy.
Transportation investments are expensive investments. Choosing the right mode of transport is therefore a vital issue. No mode of transport is the opponent of the other. They complement each other. It is not possible to change the wrong choices easily. In this paper, we have briefly tried to explain how a railway network inherited to today's generations has been rehabilitated in line with the interests of the region and the country. We especially wanted to address our young colleagues. Because we know that; plan, make and manage public investments. We wanted to explain with a specific example the necessity to think about what they had to think and put into practice. Our belief is that our young colleagues will quickly go through this door that we open and minimize the time losses and bring the opportunities to be deposited to the country in the best way.
I would like to extend my gratitude to the Chamber of Civil Engineers, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Board Members, especially Tahsin Vergin and Ilgaz Candemir, for the opportunities and incentives to present a summary of the long history of the Aegean region to the readers. In addition, I will not mention the valuable contribution of my colleague Orhan Yalavuz.

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