Double road out of rail

Does the AKP have a transport policy? Is there a style, a target? For example, during the construction of double roads, the Republic boasted the longest path in its history. Now he's got construction all over, double dumped roads.
Prime Minister Erdoğan, Kartal-Kadıköy He undersigned a big shard in the opening of the metro line and said:
. You know, 10. Year March; 'duck with iron nets'. What did you think? You're not a man. It was obvious that they were standing up. now we weave iron mesh with Turkey. "
The total length of the line that brags so much is also the ball ball 22 mileage! There is no other basis for the Republican period.
The Republic had a transport policy. They want Turkey to develop its own line in the transport industry without being dependent on external courses. This is why the railroad is chosen as a policy that minimizes Perole addiction.
For this, 1923-40 3 thousand 714 km railway between the total. In addition, the 4 bin 637 km railway which was ruined in the First World War and Istikbal War from the Ottoman Empire was first acquired by foreign companies and then rebuilt. Total 8 bin 400 km.
And all of this has started with the Nafir (Ministry of Public Works) budget at 1924 with 17 thousand 900 lira. Even at 1930, this budget could only reach 33 million 705.000 thousand pounds. I mean, it's made with impossibilities, the iron nets.
Because the young Republic on one hand while providing development, on the other hand, to pay the debts of the Ottoman Empire and had to feed the people.
However, despite the resources it has provided by selling the rest of the republic, the 500 has announced that it will finish the 2.5 billion dollars. 2 said they would complete the year, but 7 has only completed it annually.
How can we explain that the Republic borrowed 22 miles and borrowed a thousand miles instead of thousands of kilometers?
A rough pragmatism!
No politics, no targets, no development. There's boasting every chance.
It's been like this since 1950. The 1950 was cut like a knife. Highway construction brought oil addiction. The 1950 to 2003 is not even 1000 km (945 km). It was always the highway.
The railways of the Republic are still alive and in service. Where are the highways from 1950? How many hundred times has the same path been rebuilt?
This was the reason for the transport policy of the Republic.
What is the AKP's transport policy?

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