'Giants' coming to rail investment

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The fact that the state monopoly will be lifted in railway transportation has mobilized international giant companies. Deutsche Bahn, Rail Cargo Companies such as in Turkey is planning to move its own locomotives and wagons. The Greenbrier Companies is an American company wants to produce a thousand cars annually by establishing a factory in Turkey
The countdown has begun for the monopoly of railway transportation and for the private sector to run a train. The TCDD monopoly remains official in the government's 2012 program. The law is scheduled to be issued by the end of the year. The law has not yet entered into force, but the private sector has already started to prepare for investment. Many logistics companies preparing to enter the railway, the world giant international companies are also rolled up sleeves to make rail investment in Turkey. Part of preparing to freight transport in some of the international companies in Turkey is preparing to build a factory in Turkey for production of wagons and locomotives.
İbrahim Öz, President of the Railway Transportation Association, said, ında We will come to the places where you cannot imagine in the railway with liberalization. Public and private sector of the Republic 100. will be an investment of more than 150 billion dollars. With the emergence of the law, a large market will be formed in which the private sector will be developed in parallel with the freight transportation.
The countdown has begun for the private sector to perform train operations. The law that will abolish the monopoly of the TCDD is on the agenda at the end of the year.
The Greenbrier Companies wants to produce annual thousand wagons
the largest transport companies in Europe, liberalization with in Turkey and transport as well as providing the information that was prepared to produce İbrahim Özer, Deutsche Bahn, Schenker Arkas companies such as Rail Cargo in Turkey said they will carry their own locomotives and wagons. Oz, The Greenbrier Companies is a presentation of the company that came to the Railway Freight Association and established factories in Turkey has said it wants to produce a thousand cars annually. Ozgur Ozgur said that with the liberalization, many domestic companies were preparing to produce wagons. The chain of production and transportation will grow, Üretim he said.
'Annual 5 bin railcar production requirement'
TCDD'nin factories that produce the production of subcontracting companies to gain experience after the removal of monopolies will begin to produce wagons Öz, continued his speech as follows: alar Currently we can not produce a monopoly. With the law, everything will change. There are foreign companies engaged in railway transportation. But giant firms have not yet arrived. Because they have a monopoly, they have no chance to compete. that there are companies that want to produce one thousand cars per year in Turkey, the number of cars is not yet produced in Turkey. Imagine a factory that will produce a thousand wagons and folding production. In order to close the gap, it is imperative that we produce minimum annual 5 bin wagons. We have encouraged our members as associations, and now wagons 70 have fallen from a thousand euros to a thousand euros. I hope that with the increase in competition these numbers will fall further and no one will need to buy a wagon from abroad. Our currency will not go out. Employment will be created with investments. Yatırım
OIZs can also do private business
Organized industrial zones (OIZ) in the framework of the restructuring of railways in the framework of the right to make railway operations. TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman said that the OIZ administrations wishing to make exports and imports by rail with the law on the restructuring of railway transportation could do private operations by establishing joint stock companies registered in the Turkish Trade Registry.
'Entering the sector must buy at least 150 wagons'
Many logistic companies preparing to enter the railroad have started their research to make wagon and locomotive investment. Some of them are already ordering. Prepared to enter the railway, Saras Logistics's CEO Tamer Dinçşahin said that they were planning to take 200 wagons in the first place and that they aim to increase this number to 500 in a short time. Locomotive investment is also among the objectives of transferring Dinçşahin, railway transportation companies planning to start at least 150-200 wagon investment should enter the sector, he said.
Tülomsaş's 2012 order book is full
Tülomsaş officials noted that there has been a significant increase in wagon orders compared to the previous years, the order book is full for 2012 and the new orders for the year 2013. Domestic and domestic production and heavy maintenance are carried out only by the subsidiaries of TCDD, such as TÜLOMSAŞ (Eskişehir), TÜVASAŞ (Adapazarı) and TÜDEMSAŞ (Sivas). However, it will be able to produce in the private sector together with the railway liberalization law, which is planned to take effect at the end of the year. According to Tülomsaş officials, the industrialists will start production of wagons and locomotives together with liberalization. Thus, both competition will increase and a big market will be formed in this area. With the increase in production, the average wagon price is 60 thousand euro and the 1 million 250 thousand euro is expected to decrease the locomotive prices. According to the authorities, the manufacturing companies will start to export to countries such as Europe and North Africa.
'Shipyards can also manufacture railways'
TOBB Chairman of the Board of Directors Halim Mete, after the global economic crisis in the shortage of the order and experienced troublesome days of the Turkish shipbuilding industry to make production in different sectors, he said. Emphasizing that the shipyards are only focused on shipbuilding industry, Mete said, Mete Our shipyards can produce sheet metal in different sectors. Our shipyards can also manufacture sheet metal for the railway sector. Iron-steel-related productions can be made in our shipyards In the same way recently increased production and the production of wagons, which will soon be monopolized, can also be built in our shipyards. Demir

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