Rail Transport Association Training and Event Center Opened

Railway Transporters Association
Railway Transporters Association

Educational activities are the primary issues that the Railway Transport Association attaches importance. DTD has organized training programs since its establishment and there has been intense participation from these sectors.
As is known, Turkey in rail infrastructure and operations by TCDD, which is a government agency "monopoly" as done. In addition to the in-house trainings provided by TCDD, in secondary and higher education institutions and private educational institutions “Railway transportation training” not provided.

As Railway Transport Association, we have been conducting training programs for the railway sector in different places since there is no physical training unit of our association. In order to carry out our trainings in a more organized and institutional structure on the increasing demand, a “Training and Event Center” We have created.

The opening ceremony of the DTD Training and Event Center was held on Monday, July 30, 2012 and then continued with iftar dinner.

DTD Chairman of the Board İbrahim Öz and TCDD 1. Bölge Training and Activity Center ”was opened when Regional Manager Hasan Gedikli cut the ribbon together. TCDD 1 to the opening ceremony. Regional Deputy Director Nihat Aslan, members of DTD Board of Directors, members of DTD, representatives of NGOs and the press.

After the opening ceremony, the iftar dinner started. DTD Chairman İbrahim Öz, in his speech after the iftar; He expressed his gratitude to all the guests who attended the opening of DTD Training and Event Center and that it was a very important and special day for DTD. Stating that with the "railway transportation" trainings to be given here, the sector's need for qualified, equipped and competent personnel will be met, and he underlined that DTD's training and other activities will continue to increase in the coming days. İbrahim Öz stated that the purpose of the trainings to be given at DTD Railway Training and Activity Center will be to learn about railway transportation, to access information about the sector, to update existing railway information and to ensure its comparability with other transportation systems.

Railway Transportation Association Training and Event Center “Lifelong learning” İbrahim Öz stated that the fact that the person receiving the trainings of railway transportation has the information required by his / her job and that he / she can adapt to changing conditions will increase the competitiveness of the company he / she works for and can provide qualified and better quality service. “Railway is our future” He ended his words.

We believe that the trainings to be given at the Railway Transport Training Center will make a significant contribution to the logistics industry. - DTD



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