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16 high-speed rail line and renewal investments on railways will be built 10 thousand kilometers more anchor. What is more important is the new investments to be made in this area and privatization. This year, Ministry of Transportation allocates TL 7.1 to the railway investments and tries to complete structural and physical infrastructure works for privatization. The period of privatization of the railways is two years.
The hottest subject today is undoubtedly the high-speed train line between Istanbul and Eskisehir. attracting public reaction to the Haydarpaşa Train Station's cultural heritage as the protection of discussions, always been treated as a stepchild in Turkey, almost been invested ever since the republic's first year once again brought up what happened in the transportation disciplines. When we transformed the project into investment and new routes of the ministry's railways, we have come across very important projections for the coming years. Turkey, for example, from one end to the other 16 high-speed train line will be built and will be launched in more demirağl 10 thousand kilometers. If these new investments are realized, 120 will bear up to million passengers and 24 million tons cargo transporting railway. It is necessary to consider the strong steps taken on the road to privatization of railways that will increase the passenger and load capacity. As it is known, the ministry was restructured in November and the General Directorate of Railways Regulation was commissioned to manage the physical infrastructure of the ministry. With the legal arrangements that the private sector expects with great excitement, the studies on physical infrastructure will take several years.
In fact, the first step towards the liberalization of railways was laid two months ago. The Ministry of Transport, which examines the examples of railway operations and transportation in the world, first went to restructuring in the institution. As it is known, TCDD is actually regulating the railway sector as a public commercial enterprise.
When analyzed studies related to the world railway sector infrastructure service providers, transportation occurring and engaged relevant regulations of the sector in the activities of three separate structures ministry sleeves to adapt to Turkey, it has created a Railway Regulatory Directorate General within the Decree.
With this regulation, the Ministry aimed to ensure that rail transport activities are carried out in line with economic, social, technical and economic developments, while the lack of legal infrastructure for the separation of institutions that make arrangements related to the sector. After this legal step, with the introduction of new lines and investments, the privatization process is expected to be completed in railway transportation.
According to Transport Minister Binali Yildirim, privatization of railways will not take much time. 2003 million tons of 10 201 transport carried 24 1 in the number of XNUMX 1 that expressed that the output of the year Binali, yol But it still hurts. A structural change is needed as soon as possible, Bir he says.
According to the information received from the ministry, private rail transport will take place in two years, with the provision of legal and physical infrastructure. The private sector is waiting for the private sector with special enthusiasm. However, infrastructure works such as stations and signalization will still be in the public sector.
The private sector representatives, who are waiting for the completion of legal and physical infrastructure works to join the liberalization process, believe that the new investments must pass through the factories. According to other sectors, railway transportation is a price advantage up to 20 in one direction and up to 40 in double direction. Sector representatives say that they are prepared with new depositors to this area.
Durmuş Döven, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Reysaş Lojistik, who has a significant share in the transportation sector, says that they are closely following the liberalization process in railways. Now they have an 700 wagon and they are transporting on five lines, according to the records, the ministry should accelerate the work on this issue, he says. At this point you need to go through the logistics centers of new lines also save Beating, "Turkey's salvation on the railways. The privatization of railways, which are more efficient, safer and cheaper than other transportation areas, will pave the way for many new investments. We've made 35 a million-dollar yacht up to now. This year we will be adding new wagons this year and adding another $ 7 investment this year. Bu
The Kale Group, which started in rail transport in 1997, is one of the important players in this field. The Kale Group, which carries its products from Bandırma to Tatvan with the 65 wagon it owns, is one of those who are waiting for the new process in this field. Llyas Öcal, the director of operations of the railway operations of Kale Nakliyat, stated that the prices have increased due to the consecutive increases in the transportation of railways and that this area has become more profitable during trips exceeding 600 kilometers. For this reason, it is essential to liberalize the transportation of railways, Öcal said that they are following the legal process for investment.
Another important player in railway transportation is the Arkas Group. Arkas, which saw the railway as the most important channel to reduce the transportation costs, founded Ar-Gü, the railway transportation company in 2003. In 2011, Ar-Gü bought 115 wagons from Tülomsaş and brought the number of wagons in its fleet to 6l5. The company plans to invest in locomotive and increase the number of wagons when the private sector is given the right to operate following the release of the expected liberalization law.
The explosion in the air transport is expected to be on the railway with liberalization, while the investment program of the ministry is also full.
The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, which prepares the railways for privatization, has allocated 2012 billion 7 million in 100. This year, the 900 will be on the high-speed train lines in the 2012 investment program on the railways where the road renewal will be done.
Ankara-Eskişehir, Ankara-Konya YHT lines were completed and the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project's 2. The construction of Eskişehir-lstanbul and Ankara-Sivas YHT pipelines is continuing. The distance between Ankara and Istanbul will be reduced to 3 hours. In addition to this line, Ankara-Sivas project will be completed in 2014. In addition, Ankara-Izmir, Sivas-Erzincan and Bursa-Bilecik between the dual-line, electric and signal 250 km speed high-speed train projects on the work continues. In fact, construction of Ankara-Izmir and Sivas-Erzincan High Speed ​​Train projects is planned to start this year. 2011 - 2023 YHT line to be made between the years. The total length of these newly installed lines is 16 thousand kilometers.
In the investment program of the Ministry of Transport, besides high-speed train line works for passenger transport, it also takes part in projects for freight transport.
Today, the 24 will be added to the 2012 freight car on the 537 railway. In 2023, these investments are planned to be 15 and 10 will be the share of the rail transport in XNUMX.

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