Railroads are becoming sleepers, benches, trash bins and flowerpots.

Altindag Municipality, railways, railways, which connects the floor of the wooden sleepers, with a special workshop established 'bank', 'garbage bin' and 'flowering' makes.
TCDD began to use 'concrete sleepers' instead of wooden sleepers which are used in the construction of railways and which establish a connection between the rail and the ground. With this application, TCDD was prepared to take the wooden sleepers, which were scrapped and removed from their places, and came to the Altındağ Municipality. The Municipality of Altındağ established a special workshop in order to use wooden sleepers scraped from TCDD in different areas with the application of 'recycling'. The municipality, which was established within the body of the Directorate of Science Affairs, started to work with 6 workers and produced a total of 13 models in a short time including 'bank', 'garbage bin' and 'flower bed'. Altındağ Municipality, which has been producing 600 from scrap trees so far, has placed these products in Ulucanlar and various parks of the district, especially in Hamamönü.
At least 30 annual tree
Speaking first to Ankara Hürriyet, Altındağ Mayor Veysel Tiryaki said, getiril This operation belongs to me entirely de. State Railways are now throwing them away and using concrete instead. Of course we wanted to use these trees and evaluate them. First we worked on what I could do, then we started a production by setting up a workshop.
We bring life to scrapping
When you first look at these trees, you say, 'Nothing happens.' 13 has created different types of benches, flowerpots and trash bins. We have produced over 600 for the last six months, and we are aiming to increase this number in the first place. For this purpose, 10 has applied for a thousand more traverse. We give life to the scrap with this project. Of course, we are happy to have our trees again. Because they are not only trees, but each of them is history.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr



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