Railways are martyrs, Ferhat's dig!

Railways are martyrs, Ferhat's dig!
Postal services and railways are being sold. There are two separate draft laws.
sell to the name of the railways, 'Turkey Draft Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transport'. under Turkey-EU Financial Cooperation, 'the Turkish Railway Sector Restructuring and Strengthening Project "prepared by name.
You understand, the European Union's order
The name of destroying the Republican economy is 'restructuring and strengthening' Cumhuriyet
How will they strengthen?
Plans for TCDD to sell by shredding. They will divide freight and passenger transportation and infrastructure services into two separate companies. Then they'll market to foreigners. The areas will benefit from the infrastructure of TCDD, but the state will make maintenance and repair of the infrastructure. That's the plan.
The law aims to sell the 2012 and 2013 to sell the railways.
The ministers make statements one after the other. Bülent Arınç, Binali Yıldırım, Zafer Çağlayan B
Binali Yildirim admits: '9 has made the railways ready for liberalization with the investments made over the years'. What he said: 9 was planning to sell for years. Troubles, giving buyers a more profitable railway ıc Fast train etc. for all that.
Railway is the Republic!
Let us first say that institutions such as TCDD are not only those who work there but the whole Turkish nation.
TCDD, the full 156 annual institution. The legacy of our grandparents.
The state of the Republic in annexes made 240 km railway line with human power every year. In 1940, they delivered a full 8637 km line to the government of the time. There are tens of thousands of Republican poor digging in every inch.
The Republic poured every inch of blood!
The Republic has not only drilled the mountains, the martyrs of the martyrs of the War of Independence have in the railways. Tens of thousands gave their lives to take from foreigners.
- Anadolu Railway Company, Haydarpaşa-Eskişehir-Konya and Yenice-Mersin Railways in 1928,
- In 1929, Anadolu-Bağdat, Mersin- Tarsus, Mersin- Adana lines,
- Bursa-Mudanya line in 1931,
- Izmir Pier Operation in 1932,
- Samsun-Çarşamba line in 1933,
- Bandırma- Menemen- Manisa, Basmane (İzmir) - Afyon, İzmir-Town line in 1934,
- Aydın Railways in 1935,
- Edirne-Sirkeci Eastern Railways in 1936,
- Diyarbakır - Cizre, Istanbul, Thrace railways, Toprakkale - İskenderun line in 1937
- In 1939, Tram Company, Tunnel Enterprise…
To those who say what the liberation war is, it is to take the railroads of the foreigners by watering them with the blood of the martyrs. Tens of thousands of Anatolian poor people are Ferhat and digging through the mountains. For every inch of the life of tens of thousands is to say.
Now, the AKP, by the order of the imperialists, martyrs, the blood of our Ferhatlarımızın sells.

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