They Cut the Grounding Line of BursaRay and Stole the Cables

Two people entering the BursaRay line cut the grounding line around the rails and took the 100 meter copper cable. One of the suspects was arrested by the police.
Two people who cut the grounding line around the rails on the BursaRay metro line belonging to BURULAŞ at the İzmir Caddesi Mudanya Junction in the Nilüfer district Odunluk Mahallesi İzmir Caddesi Mudanya Junction stole the copper cables of about 100 meters in length. The Bursa Police Department, who took action upon the notice, caught the suspect named YB involved in the incident. An investigation was launched to capture YT, one of the suspects fleeing the scene. 16 BN 099 plate vehicles belonging to the suspects were seized.

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