Central Park, Adana Metro and Aytaç Durak

The name of Central Park, New York, Central Park, Turkish Central Park in Adana, we think immediately next to the central mosque, the unspoiled orange garden along the Seyhan River in the evil eye color of the old, the park made at night in a part of the park and Aytaç Durak that makes this park comes to mind .
While remembering the central park of New York, it is not without ringing Aytaç Durak's ears! ...
Central Park (Central park), a public urban park located in the Manhattan area in New York City, is a place with an annual average 25 million visitors.
New York Central park was built in 1857 and 155 has an annual history, does Aytaç Durak's ears ring?
"Why would the people before him go to sleep!" You may say, "Why didn't he do it before?" And somewhere else, Aytaç Durak, as the president who built the central park of Adana in the mind of Adana, tears his ears.
In the meantime, when you say Metro Metro
The city of New York City is surrounded by an octopus and the length of its tracks is 1200 km.
So if you are in Adana bilirIstanbul 1.000 km, you can measure from there.
The construction date of the metron goes back to 1904, so the 108 is annual.
Say what you say about Adana Metro or the “light rail”, say “good“, say “bad“, say ”fast” say “slow”, say “short” say ”long dey, say” deep Adana say Adana shallow Adana If you say la subway or light rail system la in Adana, behemahal starts Aytaç Durak's ears.

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