Çamdağ drew attention to TÜVASAŞ

On Sunday, July 14, 2012, I would like to draw once again the attention of all Sakarians to the news titled 'Shock to Tuvasas' published in the newspaper 'Bizim Sakarya'. Tuvasas is the last value left in the hands of Sakarya and Sakarya people. claims come to the fore.
In any case, the authorities have not yet made a statement on these claims.
Everyone in Sakarya talks about the production of 2012 wagons, which were started to be built in 20. The first ten wagons were manufactured at Tüvasaş with institutional facilities and factory workers for 35.00 0tl, while a later decision made 10 per unit to the outside company. How to explain the damage up to 125.000 TL, by whom. Who made these decisions based on which authority? These claims about the manufacture of wagons should not be covered. I am waiting for the explanations of General Manager of Tuvasas Ibrahim Ertiryaki. Nobody can harm the institution with respect.
Meanwhile, I appreciate the General Manager's passion for the authority cars. directs.
The general manager of the dismissal.You should make a statement as soon as possible without dismissing it. This silence until this time, being in silence, the person and the damage to the institution. All the Sakaryaans are looking forward to what they have to say.

Source : I medyabar.co



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