Bursaray Kestel line rails come from Poland

As the city budget grows, the system is now being taken to the extreme.
Today, we are able to reach the University comfortably thanks to Bursaray.
Nowadays the construction of the Kestel line, which is the most extreme point in the East of the city, continues.
31 thousand-meter steel rails to be used in the Kestel line of Bursaray, which is the source of the Metropolitan Municipality from İller Bank, were lowered to Kestel site via the Gemlik port from Poland.
Scissor orders were also given to Austria.
They are also expected to arrive in Bursa in a short time.
Yesterday, we talked with Murat Öztimur, one of the owners of the contractor firm who undertook the construction of the Kestel line.
Izı We bought our rails from Arcelor Mittal, the world's largest steel producer, Poland. It is produced in Karabük but we have obtained from the same company in order to be compatible with the other parts of the system. For this we paid 3 million TL. We think that we will be halfway with the arrival of the rails ini Öztimur emphasizes that they will start the assembly at the beginning of the year.
Öztimur stated that the production of the sleepers continued in Sinta in Bursa, half of the sleepers to be used in the rail connection were manufactured and the cable channels were prepared in another manufacturer Environmental Prefabricated with Bursalı.
Tunnel saving…
Öztimur, the 6,5 kilometer of Kestel line 7. other 6 station outside the station said there was no problem. The rough construction here is largely completed.
7 in Kestel, which has been changed three times. With the station being taken to Ankara Road again, the 600 meter tunnel was saved.
Due to the lack of land allocation and the tradesman response of Kestel Municipality, the system, which had entered the district center before, was moved to Ankara Road again with a final decision.
In this way, the system was taken to the main road considering the connection to the Technical University in the future.
Bat-out intersection to Kestel…
On the other hand, the change of the route by the Metropolitan Municipality was notified to the contractor firm officially the day before.
With the cancellation of the tunnel, the Kestel junction was planned for the passage of the system.
Murat Öztimur states that they will pass the intersection with a boom. 7. the uncertainty at the station after the end of the construction of the next year until June next year, the administration will be delivered.
Ceremony for bridges…
On the other hand, Öztimurlar, who is in the process of renovating the three bridges on Ankara Road, is preparing the ceremony for two bridges today.
We also learned that a symbolic ceremony will be held for the bridges actually put into use,
One way is completed in two of Hacivat, Balıklı and Deliçay bridges where double flow is given in one direction.
Öztimur, the last day of the festival in other parts of the construction will begin to record.
When the construction of the rail system, which is awarded to both the bridge and 72 million TL, is completed on Ankara Road, the comfort of Bursaray will be extended to the far end of the city.

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