In Bursa's urban transportation, tire vehicles will be replaced by rails

This is our duty.
This must also be the task of the politicians.
Therefore, even if the price is lost, the public interest should not be refused to say what it requires.
Just like Prime Minister Erdoğan's target for enacting legislation on earthquake-resistant residences.
As it is known, it is aimed to minimize tire vehicles in urban transportation in Bursa.
In this context, past mayor Teoman Özalp and Erdem Saker have started light rail system projects since the period.
More or less they wanted to contribute to this.
Erdogan Bilenser, Hikmet Sahin, and Recep Altepe, both members of the different parties who took office, bowed considerably to the rail system.
From the east of Bursa to the west of the rail systems to enter the city's main transportation network was brought.
Which is right for us.
Wheeled vehicles were included in the secondary transportation.
Thus, it was considered to minimize traffic density.
However, the minibuses still continue to work in the direction of Ankara, unfortunately.
In parallel, it is the buses that set the route.
So are the service vehicles on the Bursaray route.
As a matter of fact, with the tram lines to be built in the center of the city, we will enter a different period.
The center of the city will be cleared of tires.
Of course, the road to Ankara on the road to the minibuses can not succeed in the Metropolitan Municipality tram route.
While this is the case, AK Party Bursa deputy Bedrettin Yildirim gave money to the traders who came together and gave statements.
And for us, these were the statements that could interfere with the transformation to rail systems.
Namely; 'While rail systems are becoming widespread, driver trades should not be victimized. This city isn't in anyone's monopoly. No one in this city has the understanding that I have done. The city rulers, we, you, the common mind and everyone should respect the rights and law and find a solution, 'he said.
Some of what he said was the righteous Lightning.
No one should be victimized and Bursa is not in the monopoly of anyone.
However, it should not be supported to clear the tires of the vehicles which we believe to be in the public interest, from the city center and to oppose the transformation by rail systems.
On the contrary, the driver should act as a bridge to support the transformation of the tradesman and how to resolve the grievances that may arise.
Otherwise, we cannot reach a place by making populism.
As a result, we always say that President Recep Altepe can be criticized about the transformation projects.
It should be criticized.
However, we should emphasize that the city's transportation should not be abandoned since the beginning of the mayor.
Other political parties and non-governmental organizations also need to support the rail system transformation in the general sense, even if there are criticisms about the details.
It should be noted that this city has a population of over 2 million.
And if the traffic congestion in Bursa is eliminated, more votes will be gained.

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