T1 and T2 trams set off after Bursa T3 tramway

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality will be integrating the comfortable transportation project with Bursaray for everyone. After the construction of the Sculpture-Garage (T1) tram line, now the Garage-Terminal T2 line is being auctioned.
In the second phase of the work to solve the urban traffic problem of Bursa, the DLH has approved in the T2 line.
In this direction, the tender stage of the 8.5 kilometer tram line to form the Garage-Terminal line will be made before the planned time.
The only worry is that the line from the 8 stop will not be as easy as the T1 line.
This is because the work of three different bridges on the terminal line during rail crossings will take some time.
Just like the fact that the traffic on the Kultel line in Bursaray leads to the traffic intensity caused by the ongoing works.
The route of the T2 tram line will be estimated from the left side of the route to the terminal, not from the central median, but from the west.
The reason for this unusual practice is also very reasonable.
Because, as well as the protection of acacia and sycamore trees as well as 800 grown in the green area in the median center, traffic flow during the rail laying works will not be prevented.
The other side that makes the T2 line different from the T1 line is that transportation will be provided in two-way.
Unlike the one-way Garage-Sculpture T1 line, the T2 Garage-Terminal line will serve both as a departure and arrival.
T1 and T2 were also scheduled for the third phase of the project.
Accordingly, Santral will reach the terminal from the garage from the railway line through the Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone and will extend to the center of Demirtaş Mahallesi.
T1, T2 and T3 will be finished at the end of the 2013 yearly tram lines.
If the project ends in the specified time period, the target project is to provide a vision for the city as it is in many European examples and it is our hope that it will be a problem for the traffic problem.

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