Foundation of Bursa T1 Sculpture Garage Tram Line Has Been Launched

Bursa T1 Tram Map
Bursa T1 Tram Map

The foundation of the Sculpture-Garage (T1) Tram Line, which was designed by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to provide comfortable transportation to the city center, was laid with the ceremony. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe stated that they tried to get through the era and all the approvals about the tram project were taken and said ın 100 is the annual dream. Trying to prevent this is züldür. I really love Bursa, there will be support, kö he said.
Metropolitan Municipality, which is determined to solve the transportation problem in Bursa with rail system investments as in all modern world cities, has taken a historic step for the city center while the intensive work is being carried out in Bursaray Kestel line. For the first time in Bursa, 1904 is the first contract signed in 1924 and the 4 is one of the first 5 electric tram lines. Sculpture - The garage has also laid the foundation of the tram line. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, as well as AK Party Deputy İsmet Su, Mayor of Osmangazi Mustafa Dündar, Mayor of Yıldırım Mayor Orhan Özcü, Mayor of Gürsu Municipality, Mayor Orhan Özcü, Deputy Mayor Refik Yılmaz, Bursa Kent Council President Mehmet Semih Pala, municipal bureaucrats and many guests attended.

Trying to block it is a shame

100 developed by the developed countries, and today they continue to develop and continue to use the public transportation system to Bursa voicing the Metropolitan voiced Mayor Recep Altepe, tried many years, the system has been brought to the city, said they did not invent a new invention. In particular, President Altepe, who reaffirmed the attempts to prevent urban tram lines, said: engellen The approvals and DLH approvals were received for the project. However, there is no point in missing a project. We are trying to overcome the era of Bursa. 100 annual imagination is taking place here. Trying to prevent this is züldür. I really love Bursa, there will be support, kö he said.

We weave with iron nets

Before the election, they promised that they would pay Bursa with iron nets and that the city would be brought together with modern and uninterrupted transportation from Yıldırım to Nilüfer. period will be recorded. Sculpture - planned to integrate with the garage line Channel length, Terminal and the old Yalova road indicating that the project work on the lines of the President Altepe, this line of work on the terminal line if they go to the beginning of this work they herald the terminal line.

Complete in a short time

Stadium Street - Altiparmak Street - Ataturk Street - Sculpture - İnönü Street - Cyprus Martyrs Street - City Square - Darmstad Street is a troubled region in terms of traffic density, voicing President Altepe, the work will be completed in a short time, citizens and drivers stressed that a lot of stressed. Reminiscent of the fact that the project had already been done in order to finish the project in less than a month, President Altepe said, önceden We had already given orders about the rails and the necessary technical materials. As soon as we got our tracks, we started construction. We do not want to waste time in Bursa, Biz he said.

Reminding that they are in intensive work for the expansion of Bursa's land, air and sea transportation network, Mayor Altepe has expanded the land transportation and the road length reached to 330 kilometers and that the sea transportation is about to be signed and the short distance between the cities of Bursa and Istanbul. said they would start to move.

The only way to settle

AK Party Deputy İsmet Su said that they experienced that the urban transportation problem cannot be solved without public transportation by saying that they live in Bursa. In addition to the urban public transport investments of the Metropolitan Municipality, we will soon see the benefits of intercity transportation investments made from the general budget. We will see what the Istanbul-Bursa-Izmir Motorway will bring to Bursa and what high-speed railway project will bring to Bursa. İstanbul

Traffic will relax

Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dundar Metropolitan Municipality in the solution of the problem of transportation in the main lines, they also solve the problem of parking, especially noted that the rooted. 5 5 parking lot with the target of the 4 have completed their voyage and said they completed the 9, bun However, this number with the new demands and needs XNUMX'a output. In addition, we continue to work to open the streets and new streets. The tram line, which was built by our Metropolitan Municipality, will also bring transportation in a comfortable position especially in the center Büyük.

Project contractor of the Spanish company Comsa SA Chairman Antonio Blanko Turkey will not affect the minimum level of care to the citizens of artisans and their work, he said.

After the speeches, President Altepe and the members of the protocol, laid the foundation of the line. President Altepe, deputy Ismet Su and district mayors later tightened the first screw on the rails.

Sculpture-Garage line

13 station will take place along the route of Stadium Street - Altıparmak Street - Atatürk Street - Sculpture - İnönü Street - Kıbrıs Şehitleri Street - City Square - Darmstad Street. 1 workshop building, 2 warehouse road, 2 workshop road, 15 scissor, 1 cruiser, 3 transformer building will be manufactured. There will also be a special rail system in the area intersecting the Cumhuriyet Caddesi tram line. 4 pieces of pocket lines were also designed in places suitable for emergencies. In project scope; construction of excavation-filling and infrastructure drainage systems, installation of stations, construction of stations, signaling systems compatible with existing traffic signaling system
and scada systems will be built and the workshop building will be constructed for the repair and maintenance of tram cars.

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