When will the ne Bursa ray tram cars go on the tracks?

When the tram wagon, which was announced to be produced in Bursa, will come down to the rails and continue?
Civil Engineers and City Planners chambers in the process of litigation, the urban tram line was laid the ground-breaking ceremony.
Metropolitan Municipality, the rails, the port had already begun to bring. Due to the actual construction, on Stadium Street, the restrictive traffic scheme will be implemented as of today.
Will there be production and delivery of domestic serial wagons simultaneously with the construction of the line and will it be the firm, candidate and selling party of the big investment?
According to last year's statements, the first wagon to be on the rails, would be in the autumn of last year again. The tram line was also raised during the same period.
Despite the tender application, the question of how to purchase from the company in Bursa had been a question mark. That is why ese the tender will be open to everyone. If the firm in Bursa wins the tender, the wagons will be taken from this company. Kazan
The tram line and the domestic wagon process have been extended this year. It was also claimed that the company's production program was observed for line construction.
Durmazlar developed and exhibited in Istanbul in recent months.
Bursa public opinion is reading in newspapers!
In the city of automotive, a wagon can be made, the Metropolitan Municipality, the local firm's investment and describes.
Metropolitan Municipality, the tram line will be in service after the 10 month announced. Will the property be used in Bursa or foreign wagons or will it be a temporary rental?
In Bursa, the test car has not been started yet. This process, which is expected to be made about 1 years ago, is on the agenda.
While the firm was said to be able to participate as a producer in the tenders, it did not yet receive its first instrument.
Test drives, until the 2 month at the latest start, BursaRay Operation-Maintenance Center is heard to be used. There is a claim for a rent rate of around 1 thousand euros per month to the rail site but there is no agreement yet.
It is unclear when the documentation will be completed, but it is argued that the company will be ready during the construction of the tram line. Under the supervision of foreign specialist firms, 23 is particularly concerned about a thousand-page check and analysis.
In terms of whether or not Bursa wagons will travel in the streets of their own city, every month is of great importance.
If the company that sells Bursa, 10 wagon, 3 will be asked to deliver a series of monthly production is emphasized.
Question marks in progress!
The Bursa wagon, which has not yet completed its test drive and document, will be transported to the prestigious sector fair in Germany next month.

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