Meram Ties must be cared prior to the cable car

Meram Bağlar'a ropeway to come up on the agenda, the public for many years before the cable car does not work in the arrangement of Meram Bağları'nda wants to do the necessary work.
KONYA Metropolitan Municipality, the area known as Meram Ties to the cable car with the 17 will go to the tender for the cable car station in August. For about 20 years, there are no rides, but there are many idle and demolished huts, and the neglected picnic places and the forgotten hill, the Meram Bağları Hill, are now planned to be constructed without any arrangement.

Generally, the cable car used in the wooded and mountainous area in Turkey, the most common in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions. When Konya Metropolitan Municipality has built Meram's cable car station, Konya will also see its first cable car. The cable car station from the Metropolitan Municipality website announced the tender date as 17 August. How much will not cost the cable car station, which is not yet clear, has already been the subject of discussion in Konya.


Almost 20 has not been done for more than a year on the hill, the walkways have been turned into a dirt road away from the old view, the ruined and idyllic huts have become the nest of drunks and tinists, and the picnic areas on the hill have become a neglected area due to the lack of regulation for years.

Before the work of organizing the Meram Hill, which was brought up in the previous months, the plan of the construction of the cable car station attracted the reaction of the citizen. Citizen, the hill for many years because of maintenance and rapidly spreading urbanization because of the region's old air thinks lost.

Before the ropeway is made, the eye will be pleasant to the eye, a citizen should be converted into an area that will be noted to the citizens, the arrangement, the cable car and tourists to see the carefree hill, instead of mind will see a beautiful Meram proposed to see.


20 years ago, on the top of the walkways anyway, today, saying that the same citizens, ları Meram'a expense for many years. It is the pupil of Konya. Konya is the only place to breathe. But what is the wisdom, in our childhood Meram how it is, still in the same situation. Neither an arrangement is made nor is given information about why not. The ropeway will be built, but it must be first edited. Because people coming from outside of Konya will watch what is going on in Meram. There is a Meram Creek path in the hill. This road isn't trash through the garbage. Every side is full of derelict dogs. This is the effort of the ruined, wrecked huts. Our walkways pattern is no longer the way. Now, without these things, it's pointless to get a ropeway. Meram'i beautify, then the show. Showers, cable car Meram, rather than Meram'da do not follow the pavement work. It's not a very difficult thing to do. If a job is done, please do it in the best and most beautiful way. Bir

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