The windows of the trains running in Batman-Diyarbakır continue to break

Batman-Diyarbakir Batman State Railways, the windows of the trains continue to break. 380 train glass broken in one month, while the cost of broken glass 73 thousand 720 TL was recorded. Batman Gar Manager deputy Suleyman Bagriyanik, broken coins from the citizen's pocket of the money, he said.
Every year, many people can be injured and thousands of pounds of tragedy can be prevented. TCDD (Republic of Turkey State Railways) Batman Station Deputy Director Süleyman Bağrıyanık, Batman-Diyarbakir flight of which Southern Express Batman and the Diyarbakir output at break of a month full 380 ads windows with stones by children at specifying, said the cost to the government of broken glass that caused a total loss of 73 thousand 720 TL .
Expressing that passengers are transported by passengers on the route of the South Express in the direction of Batman-Diyarbakir, Bagrıyanık stated that he was stoned together with his passengers, and he could not prevent the attacks of many citizens.
Passenger transport trains serving to the public noted that Batman Gar Deputy Director Solomon Bagrıyanık said: Müdür Citizen himself rides, but the stones thrown by his children are injured. We warn the families each time. The passenger train you are in has to serve you. Warn your children not to throw stones to ensure your safety. Can
In the exit of Batman and Diyarbakir, the South Express and Diyarbakir Batman campaign made the Mail Train ages broken by the stones thrown by young children said that the windows, this month full 380 glass was broken. The broken glass is made in Diyarbakır. Every broken glass has a cost between the 15 TL and the 194 wire. This month the total loss of 73 thousand 720 TL was caused. The money spent is our national wealth. So please take care of the children. After all, this service is for them. Sonuçta

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