Tram to Barakfaki to Bursaray, Gursu and Kestel

The Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Recep Altepe, was a guest of the Different Views program that was broadcast on Olay TV the previous evening. President Altepe said that they will bring the tram to Kestel and Gürsu very soon. The aim of this project is to carry passengers to BursaRay stations, which do not pass through Kestel and Gürsu, by tram, so that the centers of Gürsu and Kestel will have a modern face. The tram will be integrated with the light rail system. Considering that the Kestel Stage will be completed in mid-2013, we can state that the tram will come to Gürsu and Kestel next year. BursaRay will reach Barakfaki right after Kestel. In the west of the city, Mudanya is planned to be knitted with iron nets. This is the reason why Mudanya Road has been extended to 3 lanes. In the near future, a lane will be divided into metrobus. Thus, those who want to go to Mudanya will be able to use the metrobus. Mayor Altepe also noted that their planning is to lay a metrobus line on Mudanya Road.

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