They keep the Balçova ropeway project from the GCC

Today, I will address Balçova Cable Car Facilities. You ask why? Do not ask, because there is a mixed work. Metropolitan Municipality 5 has rolled up its sleeves for renewal of facilities that have been closed for years. Two tenders were opened, but the ropeway regulations changed, twice postponed. In the end, the tender took place, but upon the objection of a firm, the Public Procurement Authority (GCC) decided to take corrective action. The tender was opened, the necessary documents were not delivered and this time the Metropolitan Municipality canceled.
These are up to 2012. In February 2012 again, the tender was realized and the company that offered 10 million 225 thousand TL won. However, the company that proposed 14 million 400 thousand TL objected to the GCC. The JCC has canceled the tender in April on the grounds of miscalculation in 9.
Metropolitan, June 2012'de again opened a tender. The company, which won the first tender and the plaintiff from the GCC, took part in the process. While these developments continue, Ankara 14. The Administrative Court stopped the decision of the GCC to cancel the previous tender. The JCC will appeal to a higher court. If no result, the Council of State will give the final decision. Metropolitan, in this process will continue the new tender. Supreme court and Council of State decisions will be expected. If the JCC decision is canceled, the result of the first tender will be valid. I have compiled this whole process from the news of Utku Bolulu. Let me ask you again, why?
Figures and results
Tender objections to the JCC, which is described as' an independent administrative authority acting as a regulatory and conflict resolution in the field of public procurement ları, delayed many of Izmir's jobs. During the period of Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, the application was made to the GCC. The 196 application was rejected. The 117 tender has been canceled. 16 has decided to take corrective action in the tender. The result of the 28 application could not be obtained during this search.

Another striking example
For example, 'tendering and maintenance of transformer services procurement tender. İK 9 was challenged in January and the JCC decided to issue a m remedial action ”in January. 30 appealed again in March, 20 has canceled the tender in April. Again, the tender was opened, the 9 was objected in June, and in July 25 was given a X rejection Yine decision. That's a seven-month process.
At least 3-4 week
I submitted to the JCC an 196 application. The institution 3-4 decides once a week. Let's say, the appeal was denied. But what happened, went for a month. Even when the organization rejects the objection, it is at least the 3-4 week delay in the subject matter. I think the process of different decisions is described above.
Farewell to a legend
The architect of Burhaniye Ören and Gönen Thermal Springs, the founder of Antalya Saklıkent, died from Hüseyin Öğütçen. I know him from his governorship days in Izmir. I would argue that if it were not for him, there would be no Balçova Spa Facilities. He would go there without excitement, research and make plans. At that time, he thought of heating the region with geothermal energy. Gürol Tulunay'la this excitement would be one to one. And his play is obvious. Not everyone is called an legend ”. In order to be mentioned, it is really necessary to be a sane legend Böyle. The same as ”Legendary President Ahmet Piriştina“. Goodbye, ”Legendary Governor Huseyin Öğütçen“, stay in the lights.
Rodoplu's new hat
The Association of Emergency Medicine, Health Association for Everyone, European Emergency Medicine Association Sağlık This list goes on. And also to the mind immediately. Dr. My country comes from Rhodope. Some have established, some are managers, others are president. He is a board member of CHP İzmir. Dr. Rodoplu has a new hat, he has:
Adlı For the first time in my college years with Dale Carnegie, I was introduced to the book 'The Winning Friend and the Art of Influencing People'. Perhaps one of the most important turning points in my life has been to read this book and meet the principles of Dale Carnegie. I can summarize some of its principles as follows:
- Do not criticize, condemn, complain.
- Be a good listener. Encourage other people to talk about themselves.
- Respect the opinions of others. Never say (you're wrong).
- Try to see things from the other person's perspective.
Nowadays, Dale Carnegie, 86 has become a training network in the country with a training consultant on 2 bin 800. Dale Carnegie Education started to offer services in İzmir. I also undertake the responsibility of the region. Bölge
I have no doubt that Rodoplu will overcome this, successes.

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