High-speed train rail lay-out of the bagpipes

📩 24/11/2018 20:49

High Speed ​​Train studies, which the Torbalians are waiting with excitement, are at full speed. Ray flooring came to Beet. 7 finishes 80 on TCDD rail track
The process is rapidly progressing on the line of İZBAN which is extended from CUMAOVASI to Torbalı. The most important stage of the project, the rails began to be laid. 2 will be fully furnished for the whole month. While the contracting company completes the infrastructure and basic operations, the teams place the crossmembers on the one hand and the rails on the other hand. Rail laying is now carried out in the Beet area. The infrastructure of the project undertaken by TCDD and the railway laying operations are being carried out at a great pace and it is expected to be completed by the end of September.
In the context of the extension of the ALİAĞAMenderes light rail system to Torbalı, the works started at the beginning of the year continue at full speed. 26 million pounds in the tender Gürsesli A.Ş. with Inelsan LTD. 80 part of the infrastructure works of İZBAN line, which is maintained by its common partnership, has been completed. The contractor firms, which took the tender for the construction of the 30 kilometer line, firstly carried out soil improvement in the region. Then he carried out excavation and filling works. 100 bin, mainly 70 thousand cubic meters of excavation was used as sub-base in the scope of filling works. 65 thousand tons were also poured in PMT. 30 staff, 30 truck and 5 machine is working on the project. After the completion of the filling and excavation works, traverses started to be placed. A 30 traverse will be placed along the 62 kilometer and 50 thousand traverse will be placed in total.
In order to provide durability and minimize the risk in the İZBAN line, 72 meter rails are installed. This reduces the number of sources on the rails and minimizes risk. Approximately 1000 rail will be installed within the scope of the project. Turkey said the railroad they were building the most robust Project Manager Nuri pioneer: "xnumx'lik percent over work 7 months. We will fully lay the line in 80 months. A signaling tender will be held in the coming days. In this way, the power line will be installed and transformers will be installed.

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