Asian Logistics Center is Established

📩 26/02/2023 17:46

We will cover the share we lost in exports in Europe by moving out of this region. According to Minister Çağlayan's statement, the export figure for June was an all-time record. Accordingly, a sharp decline in the current account deficit can be expected. At the same time, exports to EU countries decreased by 10 percent in June. While exports to 27 EU countries decreased by 6.8 percent in the first six months of the year, its share in the total decreased to 39.6 percent. Non-EU exports grew by 32 percent in the first half of the year, reaching 60.4 percent of the total.

Thus, the equilibrium of the 60 Europe, the 40 out of Europe, was reversed until the global crisis. 13.4 increased by 7 in the first six months, while Iran's XNUMX billion dollar gold exports were exported. The performance for non-EU countries became very important for the increase in exports. Because the economic recession in the EU will not end in a short period of time, and exports outside the EU will have to continue as a motor.

Zafer Çağlayan, Minister of Economy in charge of foreign trade, stated that exports to the EU could decline further, and that its share in our total exports could be reduced by 8-9 points and could fall down to 30-31. We will close our share of Europe in Europe. According to the Minister, three important projects are being implemented.

We talked to the Minister of Economy Zafer Çağlayan in Mersin, where we went with the invitation of the Mediterranean Exporters Association (AKİB). He said: “The share of Europe in our exports may decrease to 30-31 percent. We calculated that it does not fall down. There is a need to cover the lost share from other places. We are working on it. We put every country, every region on the table. ”

Apart from that, we are pushing the markets that have not been discussed so far. One of these is the Asia Pacific region. Our exporters have stayed away from this region due to a misunderstanding that we have not been able to sell goods from both distance and from now on. As a result of our visits and initiatives, we have restarted citrus exports to Japan.

There was a problem and citrus exports to Japan had stopped. We met with a famous chain market, we had meetings with the relevant ministers, we opened this door. There's a problem with cherries now. We're gonna figure that out. We have to solve the long distance problem to enter the Asian Pacific market. Ships can also go to Japan on 45 days, as other destinations also visit. If the logistics center, the same ship of different goods to be loaded and sent to the center of the agenda.

Thus, the arrival of goods in Japan may go down to 25. There will be a logistic center to be created to make things much easier. On our last visit, we raised the issue. We are working with TIM in Japan's earthquake zone. We will establish a logistics center there. This center is not only available in Japan but also in Singapore, South Korea and even in China. In this way, we will be closer to the countries with imports of more than 3-4 trillion dollars annually.

Russia is also importing 365 billion dollars annually. Our share is small. We now treat our foreign trade with Russia in a different way. We're changing our work system. We include the former USSR countries that we think of as Russia's subsidiaries. With this new approach, we will increase our exports to Russia and the surrounding countries. That's what you get from the crisis. So far we've entered easy markets. That was right. But there are stagnation in these markets. We have to enter new and more difficult markets. This is exactly what you get from the crisis.

Another issue that we will discuss is the free zones. The total turnover of companies in the free zones in Turkey currently 19 22.5 billion dollars, the number of employees reached 19 thousand. But he can't grow anymore. We need to go beyond our classical free zone logic. Therefore, we brought the eme special economic zone ”model into the agenda. These must be new attractions. The special economic zone we traveled in South Korea was a square kilometer 209.

This area corresponds to one of Singapore's 3. There are many different jobs and service lines from production facilities to golf courses. We need to create such big attractions. For example, we have a deficit of 11 billion dollars in chemistry. Why shouldn't the integrated petro-chemical plants produce and process a lignite and produce a product alternative to diesel? If that happens, the 5-10 entrepreneur from the outside will aspire to come suddenly. They told me that.


Japan will set up a logistics center with Turkey Exporters Assembly. This center only
Japan will not be used as a base for exports to Singapore, South Korea or even to China.


Russia is making 365 billion dollars import over the years. Now Russia's affiliates are thought to be old
The USSR countries will also be involved. These markets will be given weight in exports.


Special economic zones will be created by going beyond the classical free zone logic. This
In the regions, there will be many different business and service branches from production site to golf center.

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