The artifacts of Marmaray excavations will be exhibited in the open-air museum to be built in Sultanahmet.

A very elegant, meaningful and wonderful proposal from the CHP Council Member; An open-air museum to Sultanahmet, which is the world's favorite and flocked by millions of tourists, should be exhibited in the Marmaray Excavations. Istanbul Provincial General Assembly meeting, the CHP Provincial Councilor Ali Cemal Kimverdi, prepared by the written proposal prepared in Sultanahmet, instead of the Provincial Special Administrative Building Marmaray Excavations in the exhibition to be exhibited in an open-air museum called for the authorities.
CHP voters suggested: b Open-air Museum of Sultanahmet to the pupil of tourists di
The Provincial Assembly of the Provincial Assembly of the Republican People's Party (CHP) Istanbul, social, cultural, health and education issues such as written and verbal suggestions on the agenda continues to bring. CHP voters continue to struggle for the resolution of the parliamentary members and the Special Provincial Administration bureaucrats on the parliamentary stand and to find solutions and solutions for them. In the parliamentary session of the Istanbul Provincial Assembly in August 2012, the written resolution of CHP Provincial Assembly Members Ali Cemal Kimverdi and Müfit Yetkin and the Presidency of the Special Provincial Administration were unanimously referred to the Presidency of the Assembly.
SUBJECT: About the location of the Provincial Special Administration building destroyed in Sultanahmet
Ir Open air museums are a kind of museum that exhibits traditional cultural products of nations in their natural environments. It is called the Istanbul's open-air museum. Sultanahmet Mosque, Hagia Sophia Museum, Hagia Sophia Museum, Topkapi Palace, Hagia Irene, Hippodrome, Archeology Museum, Obelisk, Burmese Column, Basilica Cisterns, Gülhanesi, Madrasas, Complexes, yes, the world's open air museum ya
Bulundu The area where the Istanbul Special Provincial Administration has been building for many years is now waiting to be vacant after the building collapses. Our request is to have an open air museum in the open air museum of Sultanahmet, which will be exhibited in the Marmaray Excavation. Our request for this subject by the Assembly of the Cultural Commission to review and make the necessary. For this purpose, we would like to present our referral to the Culture Commission.

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