Ankara subways to new facies

The Chamber of Civil Engineers (IMO) Ankara Branch added a new warning to its Ankara subway construction. IMO, as a result of technical analysis of the groundwater in the region and the waste water lines of ASKI as a result of leakage of slime caused by the collapse and sudden deterioration was detected. IMO, the measures began to work if the metro began to be noted that new disasters. The IMO also warned that the materials used in construction should be seriously overhauled due to long-term non-use.
Metro construction, which has become the ordeal of Ankara, has not been completed for years, but it is also pregnant with new disasters. Last month, a citizen named Kadir Sevim lost his life due to a dent in İnönü Boulevard, and a second dent near 250 meters of the same place was experienced shortly after. IMO Ankara Branch has determined that as a result of his work on the construction of the subway new immigrants can be experienced.
IMO shared these findings with the public, the Ministry and the Metropolitan Municipality during the transfer of many technical processes that need to be done, he said. The management of the IMO argued that these mistakes and omissions were 'glorious demonstrations' before the local elections.
IMO, as a result of technical analysis of the accumulation of groundwater in the region and the leakage of waste water lines of ASKI as a result of the collapse of the slime and sudden deterioration caused. Explaining that slime fills the tunnels, the IMO drew attention to the fact that if the measures are not taken, new disasters may occur when the subway starts to work. Noting that the same situation applies to the Keçiören-Tandoğan line, İMO emphasized that the studies should be continued considering the deficiencies in question. MO The recent crashes show that there are occasional weaknesses in security levels in tunnels that have been left idle for such a long time, so that all past manufacturing needs to be seriously overhauled, İ the IMO said.
The subway works that Ankara people have been harassing for more than 10 years have stopped or come to a halt in recent years. IMO, the transfer of the Metropolitan Municipality to the Ministry of Transport and re-started construction without the necessary preliminary preparations, "Local elections before the show," evaluated. Stating that even the slightest work done in such a situation is fixed with the esi desire to turn into a magnificent show İ, İMO pointed out the fact that as a result of this enthusiasm all kinds of inspections and measures were disabled, workers were injured or lost their lives. IMO, 2013 year to be completed in the construction of the measures, measures and measures to continue to continue, otherwise the danger of collapse in Ankara warned that every place printed.

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