Ankara metro 29 will be completed by October 2013

Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, stated that the subway lines will be completed on the promised dates and added that tarih Çayyolu and Sincan lines will be completed by 29 October 2013 date. Kecioren-Tandogan line, will be completed in the year 2014 will be opened, Keçi he said.
Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, made iftar with Batıkent-Sincan Metro Construction employees. The guests of the subway employees of Mesa Station, who visited the iftar table, examined the works on the subway construction site.
Yıldırım, who gave information about the metro works at three different points continuing in Ankara after the iftar, noted that thanks to the iftar he attended with the subway construction employees, they had the opportunity to see what the situation has reached and where it was reached after the ministry took over. Pointing out that 6 months have passed since they took over the metro constructions in February, Yıldırım said that they took over the least progressed Keçiören metro line with 30 percent excavation work and reached 41 percent in the meantime.
Underlining that they took over 50 percent on the Sincan line and reached 65 percent, Yıldırım said, “There was a 60 percent progress on the Kızılay-Çayyolu line. We are now at the level of 75 percent. Now it can be said that we have broken the back of the work including infrastructure works, construction, mechanical workplace. In the back case is the Keçiören line. We will be over 1 percent in 2-50 months, ”he said.
As previously promised to the people of Ankara before the Çayyolu-Xinjiang Line 29 October 2013 until the date of deviation from the targets stating that the question is not in question, hedef Other Kecioren-Tandogan line will be completed in the year 2014 will open the service. We have not made any tender for these subway lines. Only trains are stocked with garage and maintenance and repair facilities. They do not have a way of doing and maintaining the work. The total 2 billion is a business around 132 million. Metro vehicles were also auctioned. We will sign the contract on Monday. Thus, we no longer have any problems related to supply. Today we have an employee around 300. We did a iftar with them. But the metro lines are now around the night of the thousand 300 24 hour work is performed on the basis of Ama he said.
”People who have never worked in the life of life have been going away IN
Metro work is difficult, heavy and high-risk business, it is necessary to do this job, stating that Minister Yıldırım, said:
Mamış People who have never done work in their lives and come out. Sir, if you go from there, it would be like this, if you leave here ... I am surprised. Serving Ankara, Ankara people? Do you want to bring, or start with life and the delay of these services are made with great sacrifices? You are serving s Those who mercilessly criticize this question must ask themselves. No business with no risk. Whatever you do, there is always a risk. But that is a fact. Taking measures against risks and taking every precaution is a matter of necessity and must be. Friends take all kinds of safety measures to ensure that the work continues safely and without interruption. However, we do not want to, sometimes a little occasionally does not happen in some events. This is something of nature. We show all the necessary efforts to minimize these risks with our friends. Our goal is over soon. Sir, they're rushing the subway. That means danger is unfair. In Ankara, the approach of the 10 year is still rushing the metros as they are on the agenda.
Yildirim said that things were going well in the subway and that no one should disorient. In Our friends are working with great sacrifice. It is much more beneficial for you to listen to the voice of the people working in the field, not to pump the negativity. The opinions that have not been involved in the work, have not experienced the difficulties, and the opinions of the people and institutions that are not deprived of will not be a benefit to the Ankara subways. If you have an idea, let's talk. It's the easy way to offend. We will never be on the side of criticism and we were not, Biz he said.

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