Ankara Metros Car Purchase and Commissioning Works Ceremony was held

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, today signed the Ankara Metro Car Buying and the drawn vehicle towing the subway car the signing of the commissioning work contracts stating that opened the way to be held in Turkey, "it was us such a return of Ankara subway. This agreement with the world's two fastest growing countries of China and Turkey are going to an important strategic partnership. This joint production of metro vehicles in Turkey, on the other hand is to provide those in need of Ankara subway train set, "he said.

Speaking at the signing ceremony held in the Ministry Conference Hall, Minister Yıldırım stated that the program, which was held according to March 2014, seems to be needed to undergo a restructuring compared to November 2013, against the early elections being brought forward.

Agreement that the 324-car underground sets purchase business will be signed not only a supply of goods, Lightning voicing a business beyond, "the captured vehicle towing with subway cars, we have opened the way for the place in Turkey. The Ankara Metro has brought us such a benefit. This agreement with the world's two fastest growing countries of China and Turkey are going to an important strategic partnership. This joint production of metro vehicles in Turkey, on the other hand is to provide those in need of Ankara subway train set, "he said.
Convention, Lightning voicing opened a larger cooperation of the door between China and Turkey, told us that the last two years since China Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the railways in the field of performing an intensive study for a comprehensive cooperation.

- "3 billion dollars Chinese loan came" -

These studies within the Republic of Turkey and they followed closely by China's ambassador, TCDD Lightning stating that the position of the executive of this project, the project with the Chinese State Railways in Turkey with production companies from west to east, north to south, significant scale, new, fast and conventional railway lines He said that the production will be realized.

In Turkey, the aim of the project will provide China's finance and lightning is striking to an affiliate of the plant construction will take place along the next 1 year strategic to bilateral cooperation intensified efforts to carry out the first stage of 3 billion dollars in Turkey the Chinese state credit to be used in this project He stated that it was given to the Treasury of the Republic of Turkey, but that the project in question was a project far above this volume.

experience of converting to common conclusions on the objective of China and Turkey's railways, China and Turkey voicing strategic sense even taken forward the cooperation Lightning, "This project is not for Anatolia, Far East China, the Caucasus, Central Asia "It is a project developed between the two countries in order to realize the historical Silk Road, which extends to the west of China."

- "If the local elections are brought early, the calendar may get squeezed" -

Explaining that the timetable for Ankara subways will be tightened if the local elections are brought forward, Yıldırım said, “Even though the tender took place in March, we are signing the contract today due to some legal reasons and procedures. I hope that the contractor CSR will compensate for this lost time and get these vehicles ready before the subways open. We expect this from you on behalf of Ankara residents and thank you ”.

- "Two thirds of the infrastructure works of the project have been completed" -

Yildirim said that the project completed two thirds of the infrastructure works as of today, there is no problem, although there are some unpleasant developments despite the occasional measures, these are the nature of such projects, he said.

Yildirim on behalf of the press in Ankara, stating that there is a istirhamın members of the press, this project is needed to end the promotion, demoralizing, neglecting the impact of the exaggerated news that will not contribute to the completion of the project wanted to know.

Yıldırım stated that when the project is completed, the total length of the existing 24-kilometer rail system will increase to 68 kilometers in Ankara, the number of stations from 23 will be 53, and that all the densely populated areas of Ankara will be ready for public transport with the rail system, and Ankara city transportation will be relieved.

Yıldırım said that he expressed his gratitude to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his guidance during the transfer of the project and his will that no sacrifice should be shown in the financial resource.

- "Can carry more than 1 million passengers" -

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek also stated that they have another happy day for Ankara and said, “Since the elections are also brought forward, we will mobilize our metro before the elections with the efforts of our Minister. At least, our first two subways will be put into operation ”.
Metin Tahan, Deputy General Manager of Infrastructure Investments, reminded that the tender for 324 metro vehicles was held on March 5 and that the Chinese CSR Company won the tender with a total contract value of 391 million 230 thousand dollars, and gave information about metro vehicles.

Explaining that 900 passengers can be transported in a series, 1800 passengers in two series, and 70 passengers in one direction per hour, Tahan said, “The system has the capacity to carry more than 1 million passengers per day according to the increasing passenger need. The maximum operating speed of the trains is 80 kilometers per hour. Out of 324 wagons, there will be at least 75 percent domestic contribution for the first 30 wagons and at least 249 percent for 51 wagons ”.

-Metro technical innovations-

Tahan, new metro vehicles, in-car passenger information screens, CCTV cameras for security, blowers between the wagons, voice annotation system, special area for the physically disabled and baby carriages, comfortable vehicle lighting with LED lamps, comfortable and technological driver's cabin, electric doors, new wagons without oil, heating, cooling, ventilation systems, said the dynamic brake system.

Tahan, using the latest technology, will be put into service as soon as the subway vehicles will work in all three metro lines of construction work, the upper and lower structures are programmed as expressed.

Zheng Changhong, CEO of CSR Holding, stated that High Speed ​​Trains, electric and diesel locomotives, subway vehicles, freight trains, passenger trains, EMU and other products are successfully used in more than 40 countries and regions.

rapid development and investments in rail vehicles in Turkey's economy voicing closely followed Changhong, "These contracts demonstrate our CSR your government and the people and the image of our power companies to Ankara will be an important opportunity," he said.

Following the speeches, CSR Holding Chairman Zheng Changhong, CSR Zhuzhou General Manager Xu Zongxiang, and Infrastructure Investments Deputy General Manager Metin Tahan signed the contract with the honor of Minister Yıldırım.
After the commemorative photo was taken, Changhong gave a gift to Minister Yıldırım.

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