After Students, Council Member Süzer Reacted to Estram Hike

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, after the introduction of transportation students, met the Metropolitan Municipality councilor also came the reaction.
AK Party Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Council Member Ahmet Süzer stated that the Municipality Transportation Office (Estram) is in the snow and said the hike was unnecessary and wrong.
Pointing out that the transportation hike taken by the Metropolitan Municipality with the decision of UKOME is unnecessary, Süzer said, “The increase in transportation is not necessary just like the increase in water. Because Estram makes a turnover of 60 million liras annually. The main problem here was a small change in the sharing rate in favor of public buses. But the municipality tried to do this by raising, which is a material burden on citizens and students. ” said.
Claiming that Estram does not need to raise, Süzer noted that this is an unnecessary hike to parents, students, workers, retirees and officers. He pointed out that this should be evaluated as such, he said: “As far as we can see in our budget, Estram definitely does not need such a hike. Because it transfers money to the municipality between 800 thousand lira and 1 million lira per month. It was necessary to make a hike by making a little adjustment in favor of the public buses by decreasing the profit rates a little lower. The hike was extremely wrong. ”
Suggesting that the Municipality borrowed from Iller Bank to pay these debts and tried to return jobs with this debt, Süzer said, “When we look at it, the workers working in municipal companies cannot get their salaries. If the municipality has money, it pays these debts. Therefore, the belief that the municipality has a profit from this business, the election is approaching, I close my debts, let me open a bit, the idea is extremely wrong. This does not happen by installing it on the back of the citizen. With this increase, they put the election investment on the back of the citizen. ” used the expression.
Reminding that there was a certain amount of hike in the water last year, Süzer emphasized that they said that this hike was unfounded. Süzer said: “As proof of this, while the final accounts were being discussed, it was seen that in 2011, the bank account of ESKI had 16 million lira money. This shows how unnecessary and unnecessary the hike is. Credit is taken for the construction of the tramway. You say I don't need new trams, there are already too many trams. So where are you going to use this hike? ”
Arguing that the municipality did not invest before the election, Süzer said, “The municipality invests from election to election. Because of this, they have accumulated debts and try to pay these debts. With the raise in transportation, they put the election investment on the back of the citizen. ” he spoke.

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