A few rail transport vehicles from the Rahmi Koç Museum

La Littorina Mototren
Motortrain is the name given to a railway vehicle that can move with its own engines without the need for a locomotive on rails and consists of a single wagon, since it has an engine and driver's cabin on both the front and rear. This example, model ALn 1937 56, produced in Italy by FIAT in 1903, is one of the same type of mototrains used in the Italian Railways at that time. Its overall and interior design represents the pre-1930 design concept in Europe. It is a very valuable and rare object that has reached today in full. La Littorina has been awarded to the Rahmi M. Koç Museum for 10 years by the Wolfsonian Foundation - Florida International University (FIU). Tofas Turkish Automobile Factory Inc.'s sponsorship was introduced in March from 2011'deabd' Turkey. La Littorina, which was destroyed by Hurricane Andrew, was restored by the meticulous work of the Museum and Tofaş experts.

Fashion Trolley
Number 20 Kadıköy - Moda line tram was put into service on 29 July 1934 and served for more than 1966 years until 30 when the line was removed. It was given by IETT for a period of time.

Raiding Wagon
Birmingham, cars made in Britain, Sultan Abdulaziz was presented by British company who built the first railroad in Turkey. The wagon was built by Sultan Abdulaziz in 1867, the French Emperor III. Napoleon was used on his European tour where he met Queen Victoria of England, the King of Belgium, the King of Prussia, and most recently the Emperor of Austria-Hungary.

Horse-drawn Tram
In our country, the first horse-drawn tramway was used on the Azapkapı-Ortaköy route in Istanbul on September 3, 1872, and the horse-drawn trams left their places to the electricians in 1914. This tram served on the Beşiktaş - Karaköy line no. 14. The tram is shown in its original form in the Ottoman Period.

Tunneling Machine and Wagon
The tunnel, which is a short and steep underground road between Galata and İstiklal Caddesi, is the third oldest underground transportation system after London and New York subways, it was put into service on 17 January 1875.This passenger car from the 19th century, belonging to the Tunnel, was built in 1873. Manufactured in France by the Schnieder Creusot Iron Steel Works company. The wagon was driven in two directions with a double cylinder attached to a large horizontal steam engine and with metal belts. It was given by IETT for a period of time.

Locomotive G10
The first G10 locomotive started to be used in 1910 and its production continued until 1925. Prussia and identified as BR10 G57 and at a time when Germany made by various manufacturers of these 49 pieces of locomotives entered Turkey on different dates. This Prussian-made G1912 locomotive, manufactured by Borsig between 1913 and 10, has a different wheel system arranged in the 0-10-0 system. The Prussian Railways (KPEV) used by TCDD brought to Turkey after serving 49 55000 series and has served for many years as one of the locomotives. The locomotive, which is 18,9 m long and weighs 76 tons, was numbered 55022 by TCDD.

Source : www.rmk-museum.org.t is


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