Minister Yıldırım 3. Turkish People Receive The Airport Tender

Minister Yıldırım 3. he said that suitors for the airport tender were lined up. Japanese, French, Chinese and Germans, including many foreign investors 3. airport tender 'come and go' recorded the Minister of Transport Yildirim Japanese, French, Chinese and Germans, especially a large number of foreign investors 3. Airport tender 'come and go' for the record noted that the Minister of Transport Yıldırım, ini God willing, the tender takes the Turks. While the leaves are not moving in the world, we have a project. Dün
Demand for the third airport in Istanbul, which is expected to be auctioned in September, has already been sorted out. Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, stated that he is a suitor from many countries of the world and said, cilik There is so much going on. German, Chinese, Japanese, French, and the Gulf. I hope that a Turkish buyer. İn Lightning will cost 10 billion TL, the world's largest 3 of the airport. said it would be the airport.
Minister Yildirim, a group of journalists, will be built in Istanbul 3. explained the details of the airport project. Lightning, 3 starting from the expropriation work. High Planning Council (YPK) decision at the airport at the latest in September with the announcement of the tender announced that they plan to go to the announcement, after the announcement of the companies will give two months, he said. Lightning, the year before the end of the tender, in December to finalize the tender by making the tender. Translated into the construction of the airport is a large number of domestic and foreign suitor Yildirim, sayı There are too many incoming from the Talib. The Germans, the Chinese, the French, the Gulf. From the Gulf are interested in Qatar and Dubai. The Japanese also aspire. There are also local investors, so have sons there, Yer he said.
Yıldırım estimated that the cost of the airport to be constructed in three parts will exceed 10 billion TL. X We will not know what will come in the offer. But that's our guess. Ama Stating that they will not impose the architecture of the project on companies, Yıldırım said, emp Do not say the project. We specify the needs of the companies, everyone will bid with their own project, '' he said. Yıldırım continued to work on the tender conditions such as the operation period of the airport and passenger guarantee. M The preparations for the specifications are continuing Havalim.
Stating that the airport they plan to be one of the finger counts will be counted in the world, Yıldırım said, meydan At the first stage, 750 will be closed to a thousand square meters. The 60 meter will be the 3 bin 570 meters and the runways of the giant Airbus A380. Once completed, it will be the third or fourth largest square in the world. Tamam Yıldırım said that the new airport will easily have a capacity to lift 150 million passengers annually. In A big project. Not all will be done at the same time. The first stage will be primarily the 80-90 million passenger capacity, İlk he said.
Lightning, in the tender process inde 3. Bridge can not be made, ar criticizing the Financal Times newspaper, evaluating this interpretation, et How do they know they have been laid to work? The important thing is to do what cannot be done. They never say anything to the good of this country. Onlar
Lightning, 3. . Despite the fact that a Turkish company received the tender despite the fact that there are many foreigners in the bridge tender,. nowhere in the world doesn't move leaf, we have a billion-dollar projects. I hope that Turkish companies will take this, İn he said.

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