With the completion of Fuyuan station construction, the railway construction at the eastern end of China is completed

With the completion of the construction of Fuyuan Station, which is called the first station in the east of China, the construction of the Qianfu railway at the far end of China's east has been officially completed.
The Qianfu railway runs from the town of Qianjin in the city of Tongjiang, in Heilongjiang province in northeast China to Fuyuan county in the far east of China. The railway, with a total length of 169,4 kilometers, is located just 12 kilometers from the China-Russia border.
Qianfu railway is of great importance for strengthening trade contacts between the northeast part of China and the countries of Northeast Asia, especially for the consolidation of Sino-Russian trade and scientific cooperation.
The annual freight carrying capacity of the Qianfu railway, which is scheduled to come into service in September, is designed to be 15 million tons.

Source : turkish.cri.cn

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