Kazım Karabekir Street, which was closed to traffic as part of the Ankara metro operation, suffered shopkeepers

The closure of Kazım Karabekir Street in Ankara Altındağ district for months due to subway works is hurting the tradesmen around the street. 42 tradesmen, who were unable to pay their rent, lowered bran, and many tradesmen started firing workers. Tradesmen called for the street to be opened to traffic as soon as possible.
Kazım Karabekir Street, 5 month ago due to the metro operation was closed as one-way transportation. The work of tradesmen in the 6 hand in the vicinity of the closed street came to a halt as vehicles were blocked. Tradesmen have been waiting for the street to be opened for months, but no results have been received so far.
Şükrü Kayaoğlu, who trades on the closed street, stated that his works were returned with vehicles passing through Kazım Karabekir Street. Kayaoğlu said that neither a notification was given to the shopkeepers nor the shopkeepers before the street was closed.
Kayaoğlu stated that they thought that the street was closed for a while due to the subway work carried out in front of the street, and when they examined the projects of the study, such a study was not seen in Kazım Karabekir Street. Underlining that they had no idea why the road was closed despite this, Kayaoğlu said, “Due to the road closure, 6 tradesmen currently in 420 inns have been losing money for 6 months. The tradesmen in these 6 inns employed over a thousand workers. However, we had tradesmen who dismissed workers because of the bad things. Some tradesmen cannot even pay their rents. It is uncertain when this work will end, and it is not clear how many more months these trades will last. " he spoke.
Umut Balpetek, another tradesman, emphasized that the damages are too great to be compensated due to the closure of the road.
Kayaoğlu, who claimed that he did not understand why the road was closed despite the lack of any work, said, “The road has not been opened despite the end of the work on the opposite side. After 100 meters, vehicles cross from the side where the road was blocked. Koskoca Kazım Karabekir Street has now turned into a car park area. Nobody asks about our condition. Although the work is on the opposite side, I don't understand why this place was closed. Our request from the authorities is to cross this road now. " used the expressions.

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