Some Roads In Eskişehir's Çamlıca Neighborhood are Closed to Traffic for Tram Extension Work

It is reported that some streets and streets will be temporarily closed due to the construction of Tram Extension Lines in Çamlıca District.
According to the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, within the scope of the Tram Extension Lines construction work, the road from the intersection of Çamlıca District, Tombakzade Boulevard and Gündüz Ökçün Boulevard to the crossroad of Tombakzade Boulevard and Gurbet Sokak will be closed to temporary traffic.
On the black buses numbered 16 and 38, which travel to Çamlıca District, the routes were temporarily changed. According to the new arrangement, the temporary route of the black bus number 16 to the neighborhood is Tombakzade Boulevard, Gazilkar Street, Olgunluk Street, Dayıbey Street, National Sovereignty Boulevard, Aydınlar Street, Aktepe Street, Arıpınar Street, Org. The front stop of Kıvrıkoğlu, Atilla İlhan Street, Kumluca Street, Hasbahçe Houses has been determined. The return from the neighborhood will continue the route from Hasbahçe Houses, Başpınar Street, Arıpınar Street, Aktepe Street, Aydınlar Street, National Sovereignty Boulevard, Dayıbey Street, Orhangazi Street, Olgunluk Street, Gaziler Street, Tombakzade Boulevard.
38 is the temporary bus route to the neighborhood, Salih Bozok Street, Orsan Street, Rauf Orbay Street, Ismet Inonu 2 Street, Required Street, Kardak Street, Çandar Street, Erturk Street, Milli Egemenlik Boulevard, Dayibey Street, Cihangul Street, Tinaz Street, It was designated as Birlik Avenue. Return from the neighborhood, Union Street, Tinaz Street, Cihangul Street, Dayıbey Street, National Sovereignty Boulevard, Erturkoglu Street, Candar Street, Kardak Street, required Street, Ismet Inonu 2 Street, Salih Bozok Street, Yunusemre was reported to be the last stop against the State Hospital.

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