Response from Minister of Transport Yıldırım to Günay from CHP

Minister of Transport, CHP Günaydın'in "Ankara and Istanbul, Istanbul, all kinds of support does not give to Izmir" criticized from Erzincan
Minister's 'Lightning' to CHP
Binali Yildirim, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, responded to Erzincan from CHP Deputy Chairman Gökhan Günaydın who said that the ministry did not support the subway works in a television program in İzmir. Minister Yıldırım, "Gökhan Günaydın bey from Ankara, Izmir can not see very well," he said.
Reminding that they made İZBAN jointly in İzmir before joining the metro business with Ankara, Yıldırım said laş We cannot punish our citizens from İzmir as citizens of the opposition Ankara.
Reminding that Izmir deputy Minister Yildirim, han What is done in Izmir, what is not done, I know better than Mr. Gökhan Günaydın. We never compared Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir, but we gave such an answer because they made such an exit. Hiçbir
12 2 thousand 250 meters per year
Yıldırım Gökhan Günaydın, Ankara and Istanbul metropolitan municipalities have a budget more than the budget even though the metro studies can not complete the criticism of the wrong, he argued.
1996 in Izmir 11.6 in the time of the start and ending in Piristina, there is a metro 2 kilometers, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality last month, a subway line of 250 thousand XNUMX meters "finish" and said that the service continued Yıldırım continued:
CHP leader Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu also attended the opening of the line. Currently 11,4 km and 2 thousand 250 meters, which are done in time of İZBAN, Özfatura and Piristina. The 94 mileage rail system has a total of about 80 kilometers of railways. I'm drawing your attention. The 12 year of the completed line is 2 thousand 250 meters. At the moment, there is a line that the people of Izmir wait patiently since 2005. He even traveled to the Xantom Line of Üçyol-Fahrettin Altay. The construction of that line was not completed. Every time it is postponed and there are serious grievances and difficulties in the region due to this subway construction. Her
Yıldırım said, uz They are looking at Izmir, we are investing. That's the difference. Your friend's statements are purely political. Our work consists of figures and facts that come up. Ortaya
We were paralyzed by traffic
Minister Yıldırım stated that 9 had invested 8 billion liras in the year by the institutions affiliated to İzmir. Lightning, ril Only the ring road 2 quadrillion. We started at 1990, we did half of the 55 kilometer in our time. If it was not the ring road, the cars would not be able to move in Izmir, Izmir traffic was paralyzed. İZBAN and the ring road
two important projects that relax.
We made these two important projects to Izmir.
Metro cost cheap in Ankara
Minister Yıldırım responds to the criticism of the metro costs. ”The average cost in İzmir is 98 million lira in Bornova-Üçyol. 2 million lira on the Bornova-Evka 91 line opened in the past months. 56 million pounds we made in Ankara. In Istanbul Kadıköy-The cost in the Eagle metro is 72 million lira. ”
77 of İZBAN is the
Recalling that Egeray had been abandoned in the coalition period before the 2 thousand years, Minister Yildirim said that the state railways attempted a suburban system, but that the crisis was incomplete because of the crisis. Yıldırım continued his words as follows: B As the Ministry, we have brought the municipality and railways together and established İZBAN with 50 partnership. We spent about 2.2 billion dollars on this project. But 1.7 billion dollars of this is the expenditure of state railways. Line, infrastructure and electrification are state railways. There were municipal stations and some underpasses. The amount of this is 338 million dollars. If we look at the shares here, 77, although the majority of the work belongs to the state railways, we said that the project of Izmir 50-50 partnership, this infrastructure, all those infrastructure, let's transfer it together, and we have done it.

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