Maintenance and repair works on the Golden Horn Bridge, metrobus road

📩 25/11/2018 13:27

Due to maintenance and repair work, the 18 was shut down on June in Fatih Sultan Mehmet and the Golden Horn Bridge. 24 3 8 2 lane XNUMX lane XNUMX lane in every stage of the work carried out maintenance and repair of the XNUMX lane at each stage while the maintenance and repair, the bridge will be opened again this evening after the end of the work.
Another pleasing news to the Istanbulites came from the Golden Horn Bridge, which will take a sigh of relief with the opening of the bridge connecting the two continents. After the works ended in the direction of Okmeydanı-Topkapı, asphalting works continued in the direction of Topkapı-Okmeydanı ended.
The work on the bridge is shifted to the Metrobus route, which is not affected by the modification and provides service to the 24 hour, while the Metrobus route is carried out by making the connection passes and the lane from which the traffic is provided.
The traffic flow at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge will be restored regularly this evening. Halic Bridge, which is the end of the works, is planned to be opened again in the next week.
With the opening of two bridges, Istanbul residents who spend most of their time in traffic during hot summer months will take a sigh of relief.

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