Gaziantep's Transportation Problem to be solved by tram

Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Asim Guzelbey, heralds that the traffic of Gaziantep in the 2013 will be at ease.
In the last year, the location of the transportation and the services they will do to the AK Party Provincial Administration members in the cinevision show with a beautiful Güzelbey, Gaziantep traffic in the 2013 with the tram said it would be comfortable. Güzelbey said, lar Gaziantep should be transported by trams, not buses and minibuses. Public transport is the first priority metro. However, the metron has no validity for Gaziantep. Ancak
Gaziantep land floor is full of historical artifacts and it can not be possible to go to the bottom of expressing Güzelbey, the bus is another option, but the only option currently made Light Rail System (tram), he said. Guzelbey reminded that Tram has been completed in March last year and 5 million passengers have been transported so far, and they will ease the transportation of the city by making more 3 crossroads in the last year. Stressing that Gaziantep's Light Rail System will be built as a model in Tirana, Albania, President Güzelbey said that they exchanged information on the cost with the Ministry of Finance. Starting from Karataş as the 5'ci stage on the tram line extending from Güneş Mahallesi to Seyrantepe, Güzelbey said that the bus station Merveşehir line will be the 6 line. Guzelbey stated that Gaziantep would not end its transportation problems with all these lines and said, yapmak Gaziantep's transportation problem does not end by making the 40-50 km tram line. We know that. We'il take the bus lines that feed the tram line. We actually did this while doing the first stage. But we couldn't get the buses. We said we should do it ourselves. We received an 23 million euro grant from our Minister of Finance Mehmet Şimşek. With this budget, we will buy 50 natural gas solo type buses and 30 medium size buses. These buses will be auctioned in October and delivered in January 2013. Karataş, İbrahimli, Gazikent, GATEM, Küsget and KarşıyakaThey will make ring flights in. We have identified 4 express lines, which will stop at a maximum of three stops. We will finish them in April. We came to a certain point with buses and minibuses. We aim to Gaziantep after April xnumx't girdir one of the best cities of Turkey in transportation, "he said.
Noting that everyone has a common problem in a city transportation. Asim Guzelbey, UKOME with the joint decision and they will bring a solution to the transport said. People's buses and minibuses to fill the cheese tin can not be willing to fill the heart of the transfer, such as the Border of the age of the bus and the buses over the age of the 10 said they would remove the bus. Nobody has eyes in the bread, but the citizen will not tolerate the victim stating that Güzelbey, the citizens asked for a few months to be patient. Emphasizing that they will solve the 80 of the problems related to asphalt at the end of this month, Güzelbey said that there was a heavy winter and there was great destruction on the roads. University Bridge Junction Ramadan Feast will be educated, then they will make the year of Başpınar and Şehreküstü intersections in a year transfer to President Güzelbey, in this direction, aiming to minimize the problem of transportation in Gaziantep said.
AK Party Gaziantep Provincial Chairman Ahmet Uzer, President Güzelbey since the day he took the very serious services, he said. Uzer said that these services were accepted by the public and came to office with a higher number of votes. Oy Asım Başkan made them without seeking asylum. The budget, industry and population of Ankara is the same as the one in the 10 of Kocaeli. Since Gaziantep has old debts, most of the budget is cut to these debts. And this is the president's arm. However, the president has brought many important services and works to Gaziantep with the resources he has removed from the municipality. Ama
AK Party provincial building in the meeting presentation of the AK Party Provincial Chairman Ahmet Uzer, deputies Halil Mazıcıoğlu, Mehmet Sarı, Derya Bakbak, AK Party Sahinbey and Şehitkamil district heads attended.

Source: FX News



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