Vehicle traffic is reorganized on some routes due to the construction of the Bursa T1 tram line

Vehicle traffic was rearranged on some routes due to the construction of the T1 tram line, which was designed to relieve the city traffic in Bursa.
In the statement made by Bursa Police Department, “T1 tram line work started from the section between İpekiş intersection on Stadium Avenue and the Stadium intersection. It was decided that the vehicle traffic that will go to the direction of Altiparmak will be directed to the left of the Ipekis signaling junction during the works in this region, and that the Stadium Street landing route will operate in the direction of the two lanes. It was evaluated that it would be appropriate to direct the vehicle traffic going from the stadium junction to Merinos junction from Bursalı Tahir Caddesi, Anadolu Sokak, Uysal Sokak route to Darmstad Street. It was also decided to put parking prohibition signs on the Bursalı Tahir Caddesi Anadolu Sokak and Uysal Sokak routes, where one-way vehicle traffic operates, and to place drivers warning lights and flashing lights on the junction areas. It is considered that it would be appropriate to make all traffic markings for traffic safety in the said region by the contractor company and to ensure the continuous visibility of the traffic markings by performing maintenance repairs during the works. ” The statement said.

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