Car collides with rail bus in Konya: 5 Injured

5 was injured in a traffic accident as a result of a collision between a rail bus and a car in a level crossing in Konya.
The accident occurred at 08.00 am at the level crossing in the center of Meram District Karaaslan Aybahçe Mahallesi Fiğan Caddesi. According to the information, the rail bus between Karaman and Konya collided with a 42 NA 277 license plate car under the direction of Mustafa Atasever trying to pass through the passage. Hüseyin Karakuş (31), Güldane Çoşkun, Ali Çoşkun (28) and Ceylan Çoşkun (7), who were in the same vehicle with the driver Mustafa Atasever, who was in the car in the accident, were slightly injured. The injured were intervened by paramedics in the ambulance dispatched to the scene. Citizens who witnessed the accident stated that the level crossing was dangerous. The rail bus, which collided with the car, was taken to Konya Station after the accident. An investigation into the accident was launched.

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