3. The bridge does not find a cure for this project is stupid

3 started with million dollar investments with insistence on the mistakes of the project. he said. Dr. Semih Tezcan spoke hard ün Let the prime minister remove the curtain Sem
In spite of all objections by the government, 3 considers the solution to the traffic problem in Istanbul. Boğaziçi University Faculty Member Prof.Dr. Dr. Semih Tezcan “3. The bridge project was a project from the ground up as a place, space and time. köprü
'Infrastructure was groundless'
As the customer could not be found in the Build-Operate-Transfer tender, some of the roads were removed and the cost was reduced and the tender was awarded to 3. Sakarya 1 in the case opened by the Istanbul Branch of the City Planners' Chamber (ŞPO) on the North Marmara highway connection plan. The Administrative Court found that the decision to process the plan was against the law.

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