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It is the first metro of Istanbul Anatolian Side. Kadıköy - Works on the Kartal Metro Line are now at the final stage. The biggest problem of Istanbul will be largely eliminated thanks to the vehicle traffic and the metro.
Built with an average daily capacity of 1 million passengers Kadıköy - Trial operation has been completed in Kartal Metro. The line is planned to be opened in the next month.
Turnstiles, coin-operated machines, vending machines took their place in the station. The disabled stations were thought to be suitable for them. In fact, the identified deficiencies are trying to be completed by a feverish work.
- Features
With a length of about 22 kilometers Kadıköy- There are a total of 16 stations on the Kartal metro line. Record tunnel excavations were made in the city, which is the fastest tunnel in the world, even up to 150 meters per day.
The number of wagons provided for the line has been increased from 120 to 144 due to the extension of the line to Kaynarca (36 trains in total). In the subway, a total of 4 passengers can be carried in a 1084-train train, and a total of 8 passengers in the 2-train train.
The signal system of the metron is supplied in accordance with the driver-free operation. In this way, such as car parking at night, the repair-maintenance workshop, such as operations, control center and an operator can be done without driver. This will give the business economy and flexibility. However, the driver will be using the vehicle as a driver and the driver will be running like M1, M2 and M3.
There is a gangway between the wagons. In this way, a homogeneous distribution of passengers in a train consisting of 4 wagons will be possible. All cars have heating, cooling and ventilation.
For passenger safety, both stations and inside and outside of the vehicle will be monitored with a closed circuit camera system. Outside the vehicle, there are digital indicators showing which direction it is heading, and the "Dynamic Roadmap" on the doors above the door with LED lights to show passengers which station the vehicle is heading, which stations it is left behind, with on-line information it receives from the line. In addition, transfer points to other transportation systems will be shown on this road map. Each vehicle has 8 passenger information screens (LCD screen) to inform the passengers and to be used for advertising purposes. Active communication will be provided between the passengers and the mechanic. By providing fire isolators with vibration and sound insulation, the people of Istanbul will be offered comfortable travel.
When it opened in Turkey, which will be the longest metro line Kadıköy - Kartal Metro has a total of 820 cameras, 238 escalators and 64 elevators at the stations. Capable of carrying 70.000 passengers in one hour in one direction Kadıköy - When Ayrılıkçeşme station, which will be used as a common transfer station with the Marmaray line in Kartal Metro, is included in the system in the fall of 2013, the passenger capacity will be increased to higher levels.

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