16 August 2012 will start Izmir-Konya Train services will also benefit Uşak people

AK Party Deputy İsmail Güneş stated that Uşak people will benefit from the train services which have an important role in passenger transportation and they will make a more comfortable train journey with the help of their initiatives. İsmail Güneş stated that the government continues to work on the high-speed train project he wants to implement, and said proj When the high-speed train projects are completed, our people will have the opportunity to travel more safely and comfortably in less time, Hükümet he said.
Stating that the train services, which will start on August 16, will provide alternative opportunities for transportation to the citizens, İsmail Güneş said, “We made initiatives in this regard before the General Directorate of State Railways. Local people will have the opportunity to arrive from Uşak to Izmir late in the evening by train. At the same time, we asked for a trip to provide transportation to Konya and Afyon. Konya-İzmir flights were supposed to start in April, but the Alaşehir-Eşme line was delayed because the road renewal works were not completed within the desired time. The train departing from Izmir at 22:00 will be at the butler at 03:22. It will be in Konya in the morning. The train, which will also move from Konya to 05.00 o'clock, will arrive in Uşak in the morning hours around XNUMX:XNUMX. Thus, our fellow countrymen will have an opportunity to travel to İzmir. We attach importance to the high-speed train project from these services. Work on the Ankara-İzmir high speed train project continues. When the project is completed, it will contribute to our city. ”

Source : I www.hakimiyet.co

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