Local Tramway Silkworm Goes to Show at Berlin Fair

Durmazlar Holding Chairman Hüseyin Durmaz, local tram 'silkworm' is a late project, stating, '100 year late talking about a system. 15 years ago if I had produced this tram, today your brother would have made an airplane.
Hilton Bursa Convention Center & Spa center was introduced to the press. Hotel investor in the promotion program Durmazlar Family representatives Fatma Durmaz, Huseyin Durmaz and Sinan Durmaz joined. In September they say they will take the Silkworm tram to the International Berlin Fair Durmazlar Hüseyin Durmaz, Chairman of the Board of Machinery, said: “100 is a project that is late in the year. Go to Sarajevo. 70 has annual trams. I'm talking about a system that is too late for 100 years. My father told me 'I would open a car factory if I was a teenager'. His name would be Duriki. We had a Suzuki. If my father was 45, he would do it. 15 years ago, if I had produced this tram, today your brother would have made an airplane. ”
Durmaz, who stated that they did a non-Bursa production for the first time by local tram, also responded to the criticism of 'inclination' on the route of the T1 line of Necati Şahin, the Bursa Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers. Durmaz, v Silkworm trams are made in Turkish. Neither Japanese nor German nor American Turkish friends. I don't know as soon as the municipality gets there. I am the manufacturer. Our design is also according to world standards. We are exporters. There are some discussions about slope. None of the 8 gradients. How do you know? I'm telling you this. In Stuttgart, the man takes the tram to Uludağ. Stuttgart
Durmazlar Expressing that they are international companies thanks to Hilton as a holding, Durmaz complained about the cost of industrial land in OIZs. Durmaz said, “The machine does not have any product we produce except for our international distributors. When we look at the 2023 target of Bursa, we are back in the industry. Places in organized industrial zones are so expensive that it is difficult to attract foreign investors. Foreign investor does not pay more than 10 dollars per square meter. We also have 400 dollars in the most beautiful OSB. Somehow we need to increase the backward horizon of Bursa. Tourism is tourism and industry is industry. Why not chimney industry? ”
Durmaz noted that Lake Uluabat should be opened to transportation as before 90 years ago. Ün This is not my project. But this project is a great benefit to Bursa though. The lake Xuhan was united with the sea by the Karacabey Strait years ago. Goods and services were taken. I Bastıral. O Uluabat Lake, without destroying the ecological balance if possible to bring the old day 'he said.
Yunuseli Airport should be opened by Durmaz, Yunuseli Airport said businessmen will come to Bursa.
Their Hilton Bursa Convention Center & Spa center Durmaz said that they achieved a first in the world, "the first time we realized our hotel and even a concept first time in the world community at the Hilton in Turkey. In this world, two hotels that were not there before are built side by side. We built a Hilton 5-star hotel and a 3-star hotel named Hemtın İn next to it. Other hotel group by Turkey and the world on the other side of our family was a pioneer on the Hilton's competition also began doing the same concept, "he said.
Stating that the two hotels cost about $ 100 million, Durmaz told us that two hotels now employ 260.

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