Eskişehir's target is the new rail system line

The roads are being excavated… The new rail system (17 kilometers) is under construction.
1. Extension of the rail system line was necessary.
2. But the DPT was not putting it in the investment program.
3. Even so… The municipality could not get foreign credit with treasury guaranteed.
4. So… What has the municipality done and started the construction?
We asked Metropolitan Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen. “I found domestic loans on favorable terms,” he said:
- From İlbank… (İller Bankası) It is a great need to extend the rail system… The public also wants… So I have to succeed.
Last week we talked about Kayseri. We said “successful” for Mehmet Özhaseki, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, AK Party member.
Eskişehir… Prof. Büyükerşen is a member of the CHP… Is it successful?
Science Experiment Center
We liked the parks. If you happen to be in Eskişehir, you should visit. We also liked the words of Yilmaz Hoca about "parks". We share:
Plant 4 trees… Put a few benches… 2-3 slides for children… Here's a park… No, no.
Go and look at England… Take an example… Build big parks that will breathe the city.
Don't forget the children… They are our future… There is no experiment at school… We built a Science Experiment Center… The child learns by experimenting and remembers what he learns.
We wrote it over and over… Being a municipality is a "heartfelt" job… It's not "partisan".
What is the "path to success" in business…? Prof. We asked Büyükerşen. The answer is long… Let's summarize:
You will have a vision. Municipal work is not just about building or restoring the pavement… You will have dreams.
Ask the people about their wishes… They will say: Road, water, sewage… And collect my garbage.
However, you will also think and do what the people do not demand… It is the rule of economy: Every supply creates its own demand.
The public chooses you for 5 years… But don't let your horizon be limited to 5 years… You will also think of future generations.
You will be fair… You will not discriminate party while serving.
And the point is… You will not be detached from the public… You will not see yourself above the public… You will not be crazy about what happened to be my president… You will not spoil, you will not belittle the people.
Raise the bar
With Yilmaz Hoca sohbet While… Söz came to Kayseri for a while.
Professor Büyükerşen said:
- Mehmet Özhaseki is successful… Let's not eat his right, Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Dr.
Asım Güzelbey and Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz are also successful… They raised the bar in their cities.
We have the same idea.
However, it is very important for the CHP Büyükerşen to announce the success of the "3 presidents" of the AK Party.
Money management
Yılmaz Büyükerşen started by saying “if you are a municipal manager”:
- You will know the money management well.
It is very interesting… Mehmet Özhaseki also said “the same word” to us in Kayseri.
Yılmaz Hoca:
- I know money management… I was a teacher of Economics and Finance at the university.
Kayserili Özhaseki also "knows money management well."
Before his presidency he was “involved in trade.

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